Lucia, the fashionable name for girls

Lucia, the fashionable name for girls

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It is possible that Joan Manuel Serrat is partly to blame for this. Blame for what? You will ask yourself. The National Institute of Statistics has just released data from most popular names and Lucia is the fashionable name in Spain.

If you still don't know why Serrat is to blame, it is because you don't know the song he wrote to Lucía: 'the most beautiful love story, which I had and will have'. Thousands of parents fell in love with the song, or the name, or the song and the name and as a result today there are more Lucías than Anas, Cármenes or Martas.

Lucía has been leading the lists of the most popular names in Spain since the 80s and is that is one of the few names that everyone likes, or almost everything. So popular is that it is very possible that you have an acquaintance or friend named Lucía, or that your children play with a girl who bears that name and even that a relative carries it. It is difficult not to know anyone with this luminous name.

But do you know the history of this name? It is a name of Latin origin that means light. Formerly this name was given to girls who were born at dawn and boys were called Lucio.

It is also a name with religious connotations and is that Saint Lucia, patron saint of the blind, was a Sicilian martyr who regained her sight despite having her eyes gouged out. Tremendous story for such a beautiful name. The saints remind us of what happened to him every December 13, the date we celebrate Saint Lucia.

Lucia is a romantic, evocative, elegant name and, above all, it is a short name. And is that many parents look for short names that do not admit diminutives. This is the case, since although Luci would be its diminutive it is rare to find someone who uses it. The most Lu or Lulú.

There are many reasons to name Lucía to a girl but a very good one and going back to Serrat, Who wouldn't want to have such a beautiful song with their name on it? And since I can't resist, here is the song for you to enjoy.

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