The dreaming cow. Stories for children

The dreaming cow. Stories for children

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Once upon a time, there was a dreaming cow in a field in Santa Fe, who couldn't wait for the train to pass. Perhaps it is because of his air of greatness that he moved his head to see him go by.

Every day the same story, for her it would be the glory if one day she could travel. Get to know Buenos Aires, the theaters and magazines. And get an interview with a leading man from a novel, that man who reveals it so much and sees it only on TV.

She couldn't fake it so much nervous she felt, her television. Since dreaming costs nothing, every night he asked his fairy to come true.

Because of those things of destiny or perhaps it was a response to their requests, it is that the train stopped one day, due to a machine failure and in front of the field it stayed.

The dreaming cow couldn't believe it and so faithfully asked her holy Saint Roque, please let him touch me today! and invite you up. Her heart beat as she said goodbye to the others.

And so the cow left for the big city, sitting alone by the window, greeting her friends, blowing her goodbye kisses, promising to return. A long time passed, no one knew more about her, perhaps she is already a star, who triumphs in Buenos Aires and she forgot about us.

But one day the train stopped, in the Santa Fe field and they couldn't believe when she got off. She was different, she was thin and important chains hung from her legs and although she was not like before, her friends loved her the same and with great excitement they went out to find her.

She was already speaking differently, she spoke with a contribution, she said that she missed her childhood friends and with so much eagerness she returned to her native field.

She had tears in her eyes that she could not fulfill her dreams or cravings and that for walking on an avenue she was imprisoned in Buenos Aires. This is life! This is peace of mind! Here in my field I can walk, although dragging my chains. It will not be Buenos Aires, but yes, it is a Different Air, if you live in freedom.


This story has been sent by Sergio Gustavo Correa (Argentina)

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