Tyrant parents

Tyrant parents

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We are used to the existence of 'tyrant children' in our society, those children who cause discomfort to others by trying to impose their will using psychological pressure instead of physical force.

Tyrant children feel that they can impose their will because they feel that they are superior beings and that others should be their subjects. In adults it also happens. There are parents who think they have superior knowledge and they feel that their destiny is to pressure people for their own benefit, to humiliate others makes them feel good. But since they cannot do it with others, they do it with their children, defenseless children who in theory must learn from those beings who need urgent psychological intervention.

Tyrant parents exist and do a lot of harm to children who suffer from it, children who are growing up and need the support and love of their parents, and in no case feel fear towards them, exactly what causes parental tyranny.

Words like: 'I told you, idiot ',' You are sick ',' You are to blame for everything ',' You will never make it ',' I already do it, you are useless', and a long and insufferable list comes out of the mouths of tyrant fathers.

- The tyrant father forces his children to do things that go beyond what he should do as a child. They pressure the child in everything they can and put aside the feelings of the child, the tyrant parent thinks that as he has a superior knowledge it will be good for the child in the long run, although what he is really doing is destroying the child's self-esteem.

- Tyrant parents are sure they are doing the right thing, but what they really achieve is that the children, become their victims and that they begin to hate them and try to avoid them. In addition, the children (victims) will begin to refuse to comply with the things imposed and to do things in secret, without trusting the parents and creating a negative feeling inside that produces a harmful emotional charge that is too severe. Tyrant parents create lying, rebellious, and sometimes delinquent children. Children can also become resentful children or perhaps also, become other tyrants by learned behavior.

The relationship with tyrant parents deteriorates every day, because there will begin to be fighting between parents and children, shouting, insults and physical and verbal violence.

You can avoid being a tyrant parent by following these guidelines:

1. Never say 'I told you so'.

2. Don't insult or use negative labels.

3. Admit that what looks good to you doesn't always have to be right.

4. Stop using threats or judgments.

5. Think things through before speaking, trying to discover if your words could hurt the other's feelings.

6. Don't try to change anyone except yourself.

7. If necessary, seek help from a professional.

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