Board games for kids

Board games for kids

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Games are fun, educate and bring many benefits to children. Between them, they improve their attention and concentration, encourage their creativity and imagination and help them to interact with other children and, incidentally, to learn to relate to others.

Games teach you to win and lose, to tolerate frustration, to resolve small conflicts. They are fantastic tools to exercise memory and the capacity for reaction and strategy.

They are easy to transport, do not take up much space, and provide multiple benefits to children. It entertains and amuses them while teaching many things. We are talking about board games: chess, plasticine, pictionary, Parcheesi ... Each of these games fulfills a series of objectives in children's learning. We tell you which ones.

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Games to review spelling. We offer you a series of games and exercises to review spelling with children and stimulate memory and concentration. It is the most fun way to review with them at home during the course or during the summer holidays. Don't miss out on these educational review activities at home.

Domino benefits. Dominoes, being a simple game, are ideal to play with the family. On our site we tell you what are the benefits of dominoes for children. They are benefits on a social, emotional and cognitive level.

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