The Woman of the Pockets. Children's stories for children

The Woman of the Pockets. Children's stories for children

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That night Raquel did not want to sleep, she had no sleep at all and she spent the whole night calling her mother: Mom, bring me water! Mom I have pee! Mom I can't sleep!

-Raquel, do the favor of sleeping that you won't be able to get up tomorrow! Look, if you don't shut up, the woman from the pockets will come! - The woman with the pockets? Who is that woman? Raquel asked scared.
- The woman with the pockets has been around since I was little.

They say that he walks through the streets and when he hears a child cry, scream or protest, he climbs on the windows of the houses and takes it inside one of his pockets.
- And where does the woman with the pockets live?
- I think Jaime the policeman was the first to see his hiding place. A ruined house right in the middle of the Pale Moon forest. There he lives with ten hairless cats, three flea dogs, five plucked chickens, a frog and a lizard.

- Mom ... And what is the woman with the pockets like?
- I have never seen her, but they say she is a very dirty woman, she has long, tangled red hair, small eyes, a long nose, a face full of pimples and half of her teeth are missing.
- And why do you hate children so much?
- She has always been very unfriendly.

They have never liked creatures. Ever since she was little, when she went to school, everyone laughed at her coat full of pockets. She was a lonely girl who only talked to animals, and that made her what she is now: a witch. 'Tomorrow I will go to the forest of the Pale Moon to see if everything Mom has told me is true' - Raquel thought as her mother gave her a good night kiss. He would tell David, he would surely accompany him.

And so it was the next day the two of them walked and walked through the forest until finally, among the trees, they found the house. But the house was neither in ruins nor gloomy. There was a woman in the doorway with a kitten in her arms, but she wasn't ugly and she didn't seem unsympathetic. He even had the face of a good person. Raquel and David approached the woman slowly and frightened, but they quickly realized that she was not dangerous.

- Welcome to my house, said the woman with a big smile. - "He's not missing any teeth," thought Raquel. "A ... a ... are you the woman with the pockets?" David asked stammering and the woman shook her head yes.
- But if you have a very nice house, and you don't look like a witch, said Raquel - Why is everyone afraid of you? - Do you put the children in your pockets?

The woman began to laugh non-stop, and showed them what she had in her pockets: they were just candy of all tastes, lollipops, chocolates, liquorice, chocolates, all the goodies you can imagine. How wrong her mother was. Maria, that was her name, was the sweetest woman he had ever met.

Raquel had to solve that injustice, Maria deserved to be known by everyone in town, adults included, so they would never again scare the children with her person. The first thing that occurred to him was to gather all the boys and girls in the main square to get to know it.

Maria distributed sweets and smiles to all those who approached her, young and old. And from that day on, the woman with the pockets was loved by everyone, and no one was afraid of her anymore.


This story has been sent by Pepa Mayo (Spain)

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