The ugly Duckling. Illustrated story for children

The ugly Duckling. Illustrated story for children

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Children can learn the value of tolerance and respect with this story


So happy and content, the swan decided to join the other swans in the pond. And that is how he regained his joy and will to live. Our big beautiful swan lived for years, had children and was a great father to them.

The ugly duckling, who was neither duck nor ugly, was very, very happy. So happy was he that he spread his huge wings and jumped into the pond. He moved like a dancer. He no longer felt lonely or sad.

And what a surprise the Ugly Duckling! As he entered the lake water, he saw his body reflected in the water and was speechless. His body had grown, his feathers were no longer gray and he had transformed into a beautiful and elegant swan. At this moment, the duckling knew that he had never been ugly. He was not a duck but a swan.

On one side of the pond, the Ugly Duckling He admired the most beautiful birds he had ever seen, but in another part of the lake, he could see other birds, very similar to his brothers. They swam and they flew, and they made a lot of noise. The ugly duckling was thoughtful for a while and, as it was very hot, decided to go next door to cool off.

The Ugly Duckling he had a very bad time. For days, months, he walked without stopping, but he survived until the arrival of spring. Tired, the duckling, from the shore of a large lake, began to watch some birds swimming in the pond, and something caught his attention. I have never seen such beautiful birds.

But the happiness of the duckling did not last long. After a few days, he realized that the farmer who had welcomed him with so much affection, was bad and only wanted to make him fat to transform him into a second dish. Scared and very afraid, the duckling ran as best he could from there.

There, an old farmer received him with great attention, picked him up, gave him food and drink, and the duckling believed that he had found someone who loved him. For a few days, the ugly duckling had been happy, very happy.

After a few days, on a cold and lonely night, the Ugly Duckling came to a snow covered farm. He knocked at the barn door for help, shelter, and some food. The duckling believed, at last, that he had found a home.

Sad and alone, the duckling left to continue on his way. Winter had arrived, and with it the snow and the cold, the hunger and the hunting of hunters for the Ugly Duckling. He had a very bad time.

The 'ugly duckling', who had nothing ugly, began to realize that they did not want him there. Furthermore, he had to endure the teasing of all the ducks, as well as all the animals on the farm. So the next morning, very early, the duckling took some cereal grains, put them in a bag and decided to leave the farm.

Poor duckling, he was sad and scared, not understanding the reaction of his mother and his brothers. He couldn't understand why they didn't want him or why they had abandoned him. It felt very, very bad.

What surprises Mother Pata and the ducklings got. They had eyes like 'saucers'! The last duck had been born different from them. It did not have yellow feathers but gray, and also its beak was dark and its size was much larger. Mother Pata was very disappointed and decided to ignore the duckling because he looked very ugly. And she turned away from him.

Everyone, even the newborn ducklings, turned their attention to the egg, to see when it would hatch. After a few minutes, the egg began to move and break. First they saw the beak, then the body, and through the legs of a smiling duck, gray in color with a dark beak.

Inside the barn, Dona Pata watched happily as the ducklings broke their shells and came out little by little, filling everyone with happiness. Dona Pata was so happy that she hardly noticed that an egg, the largest of all, was still closed.

On a beautiful summer morning, the farm animals, the horse, the cow, the sheep, the chickens ... eagerly awaited the birth of the ducklings of Dona Pata. There was very little left for the ducklings to hatch and hatch from the eggs.

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