How to stimulate the motor skills of babies

How to stimulate the motor skills of babies

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The development of a baby's motor skills begins at birth. It will take more than a year to be able to move agilely, stand up and walk safely and every baby needs their own times to develop each of the capacities.

It should be clear that not all children learn to crawl at the same time or to be able to grasp things with both hands or to stand up and walk. It is a process in which each baby lives the different stages in their own way, but we can stimulate their motor skills so that you feel more secure in your development.

Since the baby is able to keep his head up until he can walk, he has to go through a series of stages in this motor development. In order for the baby to acquire these skills more easily and with greater security, we can stimulate him with simple exercises.

- Lift your head. Head control is the first stage in the development of baby's motor skills. We can help you by gently moving your head to the side or by placing your baby on his tummy and showing him brightly colored objects or rattles to stimulate head movement.

- Roll. Once the baby has some control over the movements of the head, he is ready for the next stage, which is to roll. We can stimulate the baby by placing him on his back on a very firm surface and turning his head first and then his limbs.

- Feel. It is time for the baby to acquire some control of its trunk, allowing you to sit up and adopt a more upright posture. Baby can be held on the hips and encouraged to move back and forth with the prospect of reaching for an attractive toy.

- Crawl. The moment when the baby begins to crawl is one of the most special in the lives of families. To acquire this skill, it is necessary for the baby to master a certain coordination and we can stimulate him by sitting the child and putting his little hands forward. In this position the baby can adopt only the crawling position, bending the knees and putting the feet back, but we can also show him how to do it.

- Walk. When a baby becomes an expert crawler, he will want to take another step, which is to stand upright and walk. We must ensure that your back is straight and we hold him by the hands with the arms raised or forward. It is a great step to start walking very soon.

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