How to carry the baby with a knotted scarf at the hip

How to carry the baby with a knotted scarf at the hip

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Thecarrying with scarf They are very versatile, since they give several options when placing the baby. In addition to being able to put it in front or behind, there is also the possibility of placing the baby on the hip.

InGuiainfantil we teach you how to wear a scarf on your hip. In this way, the child will be well supported, allowing us to maintain eye contact with him.

  • A long woven scarf.

Tip: Tighten the final knot tightly to prevent the porting from opening.

1. Place the backpack as if they were suspenders.

2. Make room for the baby by loosening the rings.

3. Position the baby by tucking one leg into each hole.

4. Open the straps so that the baby is better supported and his back is well positioned.

5. Finally, place the bag on the baby's back and tie it like a belt.

In collaboration withMaria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

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