The charity. Educate children in values

The charity. Educate children in values

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We want our son to be sincere, generous and kind. And sometimes we neglect one of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are most closely linked to goodness: charity. Explaining what it is and what it means is up to the parents. Maybe the example is the best way to get the little ones to understand what this word means.

For Christians, charity is one of the cornerstones in people's lives. The three virtues that every person should have, according to Christian theology are: faith, hope and charity. And of all of them, charity is the one that brings a person closer to goodness. For the Christian faith, it means loving God above all else and your neighbor as yourself.

If we look in the dictionary, perhaps we will find help when it comes to explaining our son what charity is. Among other meanings we find these: 'alms given or help given to the needy' or 'attitude of solidarity with the suffering of others'. I mean, charity is to carry out a solidarity action in an altruistic way towards a person in need.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain to them what charity consists of is by example. When you see someone in need, tell your child why that person is asking for money or food. Explain that some people need help and that any gesture on your part can go a long way. Let him be the one to offer you a coin or something to eat.

Being charitable means being less selfish and thinking more of others. Being charitable also means being generous. It is a virtue that includes many others. And although we think that children are too young to understand it, the truth is that they help each other more than we think. It sure doesn't take much for them to understand the meaning of charity.

And if not, look at the little ones. Many children are saddened by seeing another cry, and try to help him if he falls. And they share their snack if they see that their friend doesn't have one. And they do it selflessly, without expecting anything in return. Applaud this kind of behavior and you will have a charitable son in the future.

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