10 phrases of the psychologist Bernabé Tierno to teach our children

10 phrases of the psychologist Bernabé Tierno to teach our children

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"Today, here and now, you have time to be happy." It is one of the phrases that summarizes the thoughts, always optimistic and full of energy, of Barnabas Tender, a Spanish psychologist (1940-2015) who struggled throughout his life to make us think about the important treasure that we have in our hands: life.

The psychology of Tender Berbabé he has focused on the education of children on numerous occasions. For thirty years he investigated the cause of school failure and the pillars that ensure more effective learning.

Barnabas Tender He always stressed the importance of living in the present time and doing everything possible to achieve harmony and peace with oneself. Among his thoughts, we highlight these:

1. Frustration: 'You can face everything, but you can't beat everything.' The sooner our son begins to accept this, the sooner he will be able to overcome frustration, a feeling that prevents him from growing and maturing correctly.

2. School failure: "The first cause of school failure is that children do not know how to study." And the problem is not only the student. Teachers, students and parents are involved in this.

3. Love: 'Whoever plants the seed of love with honesty, ends up obtaining the sweetest fruits'. Love is undoubtedly the great engine that moves the world.

4. Friendship: 'In friendship, as in love, mutual admiration is a common denominator. For friendship to live it must be clean, free, respectful and sincere. That way he will always triumph. '

5. Amiability: 'Educating for kindness is nothing other than educating for empathy, love for others, cordiality, good manners and ultimately, to live better and more at peace with oneself and with others.'

6. Envy: 'The brightness you generate annoys those who live in the dark.' Happiness can generate suspicion from those who do not get it. May the envy of others not become an obstacle to moving forward.

7. Self esteem: "If we are sure of ourselves, we will know how to recognize when the other is right, we will know how to accept that we make mistakes and that this is not a problem, because it is the path of learning. And we will know how to approach each problem calmly and calmly."

8. Education: 'The only pedagogy possible is to stimulate the child's curiosity'.

9. Destiny: We are all responsible for what we do with our destiny. What we think, feel, say and do; the dreams that we foster and the fantasies that we cherish determine our existence. That is why no one, except ourselves, creates our destiny and makes our lives a heaven, purgatory or hell.

10. Prepotency: People who live to criticize the behaviors of others, never make mistakes and hardly apologize, they need to highlight the negative of the people who are closest to them in order to ignore their own defects, limitations and human miseries, which are not few.

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