This is how the school of the future will be

This is how the school of the future will be

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Almost all parents agree, today's education is far from perfect. At the end of a tunnel full of educational reforms, limited budgets and little novelty, we have the students, our children, who are transmitted with little capacity for critical thinking and little attention is paid to education in values. Parents know what are the shortcomings of today's school but, What will the school of the future be like?, it will be better?

In Finland, the forerunner of a more modern educational system, it was one of the first countries to embark on experimenting and implement the school of the future, starting with the building itself and reaching the very center of the educational system.

These images belong to the Sunalahti school, in the city of Espoo (Finland). There they decided to build a school very different from what we all have in mind. Verstas Architects was the study in charge of creating a different, innovative structure, designed for teachers, students and also as an occupational center for non-school periods.

In this school there is, as in others, an auditorium, dining room, library and gymnasium. The difference is, in addition to its exterior and interior design, in that training takes place in a much more relaxed environment. Each child can sit where they want, and can even move from one side of the class to the other or sit in chairs or armchairs, as they prefer.

Teachers encourage communication during classes and organize themselves Work groups. There are no chalk boards, there are computers connected to a common network. The school has no barriers, and although there are age zones in the courtyard, they are all in the same space. The school has large windows, huge spaces, light, ecological materials ... Come on, just like in our schools.

And, if you are thinking that children do not perform in such an environment, you are wrong, the academic performance of these Finnish schoolchildren is good and, most importantly, they have a low stress level.

Will the school of the future be like this? In 2014 a report on the matter was published by the World Summit for Innovation in Education, in which 654 international experts participated, including linguist Noam Chomsky or Professor Sugata Mitra. The conclusion of the report was that between now and 2030 educational systems will undergo major changes and schools will become interactive environments, sponsored by the Internet, which will radically change traditional forms of learning:

- Teachers will be counselors and companions, more than transmitters of knowledge. The master class will end.

- The curriculum will be more focused on the capacities and abilities of the student and those aptitudes will be valued although many experts believe that they cannot be more important than the knowledge itself.

- The schedule will be more free and students will work more individually.

- The classrooms will not be static spaces, but rather areas where students can move and position themselves wherever they want.

- Students will have a more universal and less local mentality.

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