Geolocation for children through mobile

Geolocation for children through mobile

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The geolocation for children through mobileHe has come into the daily life of families. You will only have to look at your mobile and take a look at your geolocator to know if it has arrived at school or has deviated from its path. This new parental control system is carried out through the mobile phone and has the advantage that it cannot be traced and is invisible.

That's right, it's called Teencrio and it's a new mobile application that acts as a spy, which collects all the activity of the mobile phone. The request is made through the Teenscrio website.

When parents contract the service through the website, the children's phone is connected to the service to control different parameters such as alarms, calendars or travel, and thus the system is adjusted to the parents' needs. Basically, the system monitors the activities of young people between 10 and 18 years old, automatically deactivating when they reach the age of majority.

This idea that at first seems an intrusion into the lives of the children, which seems to only serve to keep a relationship based on mistrust and lack of dialogue under control. It is true that technology puts geolocation at the service of parents allows them to know the exact place where their children are, establish time limits in certain places and even control habitual movements of minors, such as from home to school.

In this way and with an alarm system, parents can instantly know if the child has strayed from the path to school and where it has gone. An infallible method to control absences to class, for example, since the system is prepared for possible disconnections, in case the child decides to turn off the mobile.

For those who already have the creeps after reading this, it should also be noted that in environments or cities with little public safety this parental control makes sense, especially when it is used as a tool that provides peace of mind to parents.

The program can not only be used secretly from the children, but in open and transparent relationships between parents and children it can provide a lot of security. The system tries to find a balance between the responsibility of the children and the paternal freedom, everything depends on the use that each family makes of this revolutionary system.

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