Families of celiac children spend much more on shopping

Families of celiac children spend much more on shopping

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Did you know that following a proper gluten-free diet, when we have celiac disease at home, supposes an extra cost of about 1,500 euros per year in the shopping basket? Today the National Celiac Day, a disease that, in general, is characterized by an intolerance of those who suffer from it to gluten, a protein found in cereals.

The celaquia also has a hereditary component and the cost is multiplied in families with more than one celiac. According to data from some celiac associations, when there are at least two people with gluten intolerance in the family, the approximate cost amounts to 2,500 euros per year compared to what would be a shopping basket with gluten.

To get a more approximate idea, to make the children's sandwiches for lunch or a snack, the rolls, which are not more than a finger long, cost 3 euros and a gluten-free birthday cake of less than half a kilo, about 22 euros approximately.

At the moment, there is no medicine that can neutralize gluten before reaching the stomach of celiac children and, therefore, eliminating this substance from the diet remains the only treatment that ensures the well-being of those affected by this intolerance. It's not a craving diet is today the only medicine in celiac families.

Currently, only four autonomous communities that are Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra, Valencia and Extremadura offer financial aid to families with celiac members. In Navarra, the amount of aid is 250 euros per year per person, in Castilla-La Mancha it amounts to 300 euros per person per year and in Valencia and Extremadura an annual budget of 65,000 euros is managed, which is distributed among families celiac patients with few resources.

And it is that in addition to the extra investment that families need to buy gluten-free products, one of the objectives that celiac associations aspire to achieve is to eat in the street with guarantees, a utopia that companies and hoteliers are already beginning to value at the same time. time to market and offer in their food menus, dishes that can be consumed by celiacs.

We propose a menu of gluten-free recipes for celiac children.

Marisol New.

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