Arouse and boost your children's curiosity with LEGO DUPLO

Arouse and boost your children's curiosity with LEGO DUPLO

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Any father or mother who has had or has a 4, 5 or 6-year-old child surely remembers dozens of questions that his children asked him and that left him speechless. The curiosity and eagerness to know and learn that children have at this age is truly surprising.

Curiosity is innate in children and must be cared for from birth so that they are capable of wanting to learn by themselves, since curiosity is the first step to children's learning. Sometimes, we can interpret that more than curiosity our children have many 'birds in their heads', but we have to know that it is not like that at all, curiosity must be strengthened so that in the future they are efficient.

Boost your children's curiosity and creativity with LEGO DUPLO

As I said before, curiosity must be promoted and cultivated For more successful learning, and as a mother of two, I highly recommend LEGO DUPLO educational toys.

The well-known brand of construction games has a line for younger children (from 18 months to 5 years) that helps a lot in the development of imagination, creativity and curiosity of the little ones. To me, honestly, I am surprised to see how children of 3 or 4 years are capable of making totally new constructions without following any type of model.

As adults, we have to respect the necessary constant exploration that our children have, we must set limits but without restricting curiosity. We have to avoid expressions like: 'how are you going to put that piece there! or don't you realize that that color or that shape doesn't fit? '...

I've always wanted to follow this to the letter, I firmly believe that the best way to learn is by discovering, so I bought him two sets of LEGO DUPLO, The Big Creative Box and the Fire Station; I took away the drawings where the things already built came out and I watched to see what he did. The result was surprising, he had made his own station mixing colors and shapes! I asked him why he had put so many different colors and he answered me: "and why do all the walls have to be red?", I didn't know what to answer him and there I realized how nice it is to always ask why things. Long live the curiosity of children!

Laura Salas. Saving Mom

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