Team games for kids

Team games for kids

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Children playing is absolutely necessary. Knowing how to entertain themselves through games, whether at home or outdoors, helps their cognitive development to develop, to have fun and also to be happier while stimulate your imagination.

However, although it is necessary for children to know how to play alone, it is also essential that they are prepared for team games, since there are many and very varied and can help them develop their social skills.

- They are more sociable: Children who know how to play as a team, by force learn to develop social skills with the people with whom they share games. Thus, they know how to interact with other children their age and also manage to have more friends or know how to behave in a game when he is not the only protagonist.

- They learn to shareWhether a child is generous or not depends on the education he receives, but also on other stimuli, such as being with more people his age. When children begin to play as a team, the value of generosity and the desire to share appear by themselves.

- They develop positive values: Generosity, friendship, protection ... playing as a team only brings good things to children, since in addition to feeling friendship for their peers, wanting to help or protect them, or being generous with them, they will also develop the capacity for empathy.

- team sports: Soccer, handball, basketball ... team sports are games after all, and they contribute to the personal growth of the child with the basic rules for their execution.

- The handkerchief game: In this game, it is necessary to establish the rules in two teams, so that each component will have to have a number and run to get the handkerchief when it is chosen.

- Bowling: Whether or not in a bowling alley, children can develop this game easily by making two or three teams, depending on the number of children. By placing some elements that must be knocked down, each component of the team will have to roll a ball to eliminate the more the better, so that points will be accumulated until one of the two wins.

- Hideout: Although it is one that counts, the rest can hide in pairs or teams to promote their ties, while having fun until they are discovered.

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