The beginning of school. Adaptation period for children

The beginning of school. Adaptation period for children

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The beginning of school is always a different experience for children that, at times, can be hard. To alleviate this situation, the first time the child goes to school, he needs a period of adaptation in which parents and teachers must collaborate equally.

Marta Victorio Blanco, a nursery educator at the Mamá Pata Infant School, reveals to us how the adaptation of the youngest children to nursery school should be.

When it comes time to start school for the first time, there is a situation for the little ones that, at first, is not easy to assimilate.

And it is that, in most cases, going to school will be the first time in which the child separates from his family environment, where he feels safe and protected. He will find himself in a new place, unknown to him; with some colleagues he does not know and a new authority figure, who is also unknown to him. Therefore, to make those first days easier and more bearable until they make school another place where they feel safe, it is advisable to carry out the adaptation period.

It is normal that, during these first days, children show different types of disruptive behaviors in response to the fear and insecurity of being 'abandoned' in an unfamiliar place, such as: crying, tantrums, shyness, temper attacks and vomiting. But we should not be scared because it is their way of communicating their discontent and, little by little, they will disappear.

Parents have a very important role during these days, since your attitude can make this situation more bearable for your children. Therefore, it is recommended that you be understanding with them, that you facilitate this transit by talking to them about what is going to happen several days in advance.

You can bring them to the center so they can see it from the outside and explain what nursery school is and what relationship it will have with them. Try to understand their fears and fears so that you know how to comfort and help them. And once the big day arrives, avoid prolonged goodbyes to make that moment more bearable.

And, above all, it is important for everyone to bear in mind that each child is a particular world, different from any other. Therefore, each one will have a different response to this same situation. Thus, the adaptation periods will have different duration depending on the child's personality, and we do not have to worry about it. The best answer is to make this whole adaptation process run naturally.

Marta Victorio Blanco
Early Childhood Educator
Principal Educator of the 2-3 year old Class of the Mamá Pata Infant School
Coria del Río, in Seville
Contributor to our site

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