Snacks for children to take to school

Snacks for children to take to school

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The snack that children take to school to take during recess or at the end of classes should be healthy and balanced. So that children do not get tired of always eating the samewe can alternate between sweet and salty.

To do this, inGuiainfantil we have selected a series of recipes recipes in which we include sandwiches, sandwiches and homemade sweets that will delight your children. Be concerned that children eat well, but above all, that they do so in a healthy way.

InGuiainfantil we selectedsome recipes to have a snack at school. Feeding your children is the most important thing, hence you should take care of their diet so that they do not abuse sweets and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Whole wheat turkey sandwich. Recipe for a very healthy and light sandwich for lunch. This whole wheat turkey and cheese sandwich with fine herbs is perfect for children to have a balanced and complete diet.

Cereal bars with apricot. For a complete and very energetic snack, prepare with your children this recipe for healthy and natural cereal bars with apricot. Recipe for energy bars for children made from cereals and fruit.

Cereal bars with apple. Cereal bars are a very energetic food, beneficial for pregnant women and active children because it provides them with many nutrients at lunch or a snack.

French omelette sandwich. Tortilla sandwich recipe. So that children always have a complete and balanced diet, you have this French omelette sandwich, ideal for the days your child goes on an excursion. We tell you how to prepare this French omelette sandwich with just eggs and bread.

Tuna snack. This tuna sandwich provides vitamins and protein for your child. A low-fat snack recipe that you can make for lunch at school.

Banana cake. Banana cake. An easy, fast and very healthy recipe for breakfast or a children's snack. The banana is a rich one that provides vitamins, mineral salts and potassium to children.

Glazed homemade donuts. Homemade donut recipe for children. A classic among children, donuts are one of the sweets they like best for a snack, especially if they are homemade. our site teaches us how to make this simple and easy recipe for children's breakfast or dessert.

Cronut. Cronut recipe, a mixture of croissant and donut, which is becoming very fashionable in the culinary world. Guiainfantil offers us a step by step recipe on how to make a cronut for children.

Chocolate bones. Chocolate cookie recipe for children. our site teaches you how to make homemade ‘Bones’ for children. The ‘Huesitos’, for those who do not know them, are cookie bars, type ‘waffle’ or ‘waffle’, filled with chocolate cream and dipped in dark chocolate.

Margarine cookies. Homemade and healthy cookies recipe to surprise children. Learn to make your own homemade cookies with margarine with your children to serve at breakfast or children's snack time. Guiainfantil teaches you how to make this recipe step by step.

Cereal bars with nuts. For an energetic lunch or snack, try these simple cereal bars with nuts and coconut, you will love them! Step by step recipe of how to make some cereal bars with coconut.

Homemade oreo cookies. Oreo cookies are very popular with children, a recipe for chocolate cookies with cream ideal to accompany a glass of milk for a snack

Hummus sandwich with cheese. Hummus and cheese sandwich recipe for children's snack or dinner. How to make a healthy and balanced sandwich for children's snack.

Tortilla and spinach sandwich. Tortilla, cherry tomato and spinach sandwich recipe for the children's snack. A simple and quick recipe for a balanced snack for children.

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