When to take our son to the psychologist

When to take our son to the psychologist

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Going to the psychologist has changed a lot in recent times, now it is not only when there is a serious pathology or a mental health problem. More and more people come to the office to solve an anxiety crisis or problems at work.

In the child-adolescent area, the most common reasons why parents bring their children to us for consultation is because of behavior problems, because they lack social skills, they become nervous and somatized or because they have school difficulties. Not all cases are classified as pathological, many times they only need an orientation.

Going to the psychologist does not imply that there has to be a mental health problem. We prepare a lot at an academic level to do a certain job, and for one of the most important facets of our life "being parents", we hardly receive training. Psychologists often act as a family coach, and we advise parents on how to approach and how to solve their children's problems at all levels, both when there is a clinical diagnosis, and when making decisions regarding the children's education , or about stressful moments in everyday life.

Many times what parents tell us after having received our help is that with clear and concrete advice they have gained quality on a day-to-day basis and that they get their children to carry out their daily tasks with much less effort than before, and on all without the emotional wear and tear to which they were subjected.

1. If we see that our child has a hard time, that he suffers, that he is not happy and does not enjoy his day to day, to the point of not wanting to leave the house or be with other people.

2. When the emotional exhaustion at home is very high and generates behavior problems such as getting the child to obey, study ... With the help of a psychologist, it is certain that it can be improved.

3. When children have learning disabilities; They are not doing well in school, we observe that it is difficult for them to learn, that they do not focus on class or when doing homework ... We must not wait until school failure has occurred and the child is failing or that go to repeat course.

4. When the child has difficulty relating to others, he is extremely shy and withdrawn. Ideally, ask for help soon, so it will be easier to start a reeducation of learning.

5. When the fear that the child may have overpowers him, that is, it persists for a long time and ends up causing anxiety situations.

Silvia Álava Sordo, Psychologist
Director of the Children's Area of ​​the Álava Reyes Consultores Psychology Center
Contributor to our site

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