Why do children get sick at night?

Why do children get sick at night?

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I have lost count of the times it has happened to me. And, finally, it's time to sleep. I put them to bed exhausted after a long day and two hours later, just when they had fallen into a deep sleep, one of them cries.

You come running blindly trying to find your way to his crib while smashing your little finger with the pick of the door and touching him ... bingo! The boy is boiling, has a fever, and the snot is gushing out. There is no escape, vyou are going to spend the night awake taking care of your son. The same is applicable to vomiting, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, otitis ...

There are times when certain symptoms announce the storm that will break out at night: they are more irritable, cry more, are sleepy or more tired, and even the opposite, excessively active.

It is a chore when at night, you have to change sheets non-stop because the child does not stop vomiting, or you have to get up twelve times because the baby is overwhelmed with snot and is uncomfortable or because he has a persistent cough and there is no way to stop it. The funny thing is that the next day, many times the children are like roses and you go to work with the legaƱa on and the feeling of having served as a sparring partner.

Well, everything has an explanation, let's see:

- Asthmatic children suffer more night crises because at night the level of histamine increases, the chemical substance that intervenes in inflammation in the immune system. Also, the lying position makes your breathing difficult.

- otitis attacks more at night because fluid in the ear puts pressure on inflamed tissue and it hurts more.

- fever rises at night because the body temperature rises during those hours.

- Children have more mucus because the nostrils tend to swell when we lie down and suffer from more congestion.

- the same happens with coughing, when having a cold, mucus drips from the nose into the throat from the back and makes us cough, which is worse if the child is lying down.

What can we do? When these small signals alert us, it is advisable to leave a basic first-aid kit ready at hand: thermometer, antipyretic, humidifier, saline for the nose ... At least so as not to walk around like zombies at night looking for what we need and act more quickly .

And, for us, a paracetamol for the possible headache that we will have the next day for having spent the night in white.

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