Dalia: a spring name for a girl born in the fall

Dalia: a spring name for a girl born in the fall

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Why did the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, YCarla bruniDid you choose Dalia as the name for your baby? It sounds paradoxical to give a flower name to a baby born in the middle of Parisian autumn, although of course, it never hurts to give a touch of color at the end of autumn.

Although the baby is born in autumn, winter or summer, flowers are a great inspiration to parents who are looking for names for a daughter. Flowers, as well as all nature, offer quite a few alternative names for babies. After all, they have a lot in common with our little ones: delicacy, good smell, a gift of nature ... who hasn't been attracted and motivated by names like Azucena, Violeta, Rosa or Begoña? They are beautiful.

Choosing a name for a baby, despite countless alternatives, is not always easy. There are people who resort to the names of saint, to names of other nationalities or even to names that begin with a particular letter ... uff ... there are so many criteria that parents use to choose the name of their baby .. The truth is that when a girl is born, flower names, due to their feminine connotation, can be the first to appear in the parents' heads.

Flower names for girls sound and smell good. If you also want to give the name Dalia to your daughter, I'll tell you. Dahlia It is an original name of a Mexican flower. The botanist who discovered it gave it this name in honor of one of his Swedish colleagues: Dahl, which means 'valley' and symbolizes the covered, protected land, the meadow that is covered by a valley. Apart from Dalia, you can also choose Poppy, Camellia, Chloe, Flower, Flora, Gardenia, Greta, Hortensia, Jasmine, Juncal, Lis, Magnolia, Margarita, Melisa, Narcissa, Orchid, Rosalía, Zahira, among many names.

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