What parents are inspired to choose their baby's name

What parents are inspired to choose their baby's name

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I am particularly intrigued by the subject of baby names. I like to know what some parents consider when choosing the name of their children. I find the criteria or reasoning they use to do it curious. My name, for example, was chosen by my mother because this was the name, at the time, of her best friend.How have you been inspired to name your baby? The truth is that, chatting with many parents on the subject, I realized that there is no specific model for choosing the name.

In my case, for example, it was clear to me that I was going to give my daughter a simple name that would sound clear and light. Apart from that, I was inspired by Clara, the saint who helped the poor in Italy. I also thought about giving her the name Noah, and not only because of the Israeli singer that I like so much, but also because I knew that Noah was the first woman in the Old Testament, who fought for her rights. Well, but as 'there is nothing written about tastes', a thousand and one other stories are known.

There are more traditional families that choose to give their children the names of their grandparents, godparents, and also biblical names and saints. I know a family that did it with their 7 children: Daniel, Miguel, Gabriel, Marcos, Lucas, Marta and María. I also know another who named her three daughters after princesses and queens: Catalina, Leticia and Elizabeth.

In my family, my two brothers have the name Antonio in front of their middle names, because my father is called Antonio. But there are also families, with a foreign father or mother, who choose names of different nationalities: Italian, German, Latin, Greek or Arab, or that begin with the same letter with which the baby's first surname begins, to combine; or even that all the children's names begin with the same letter.

Original names, even weird and quirky ones, are the order of the day: music idol names (Michael, Elvis ...), of historical characters (Alejandro, César ...), of children's characters (Daisy, Yasmine ...) of cities (Bruno, Etna, Sofía ...), of flowers (Azucena, Violet ...), etc. What cannot be ignored or ignored is that you put the name that you put your baby, this will be his business card, his seal and identification.

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