Mothers and fathers of an only child

Mothers and fathers of an only child

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The biggest concern about having only one child resides with the parents. There is a concern in many parents for not wanting to give their child excesses that harm them instead of benefiting them. It is very easy to fall into the temptation to overprotect, pamper, and badly educate, but if what you want is to educate them properly, it is important that you follow some tips.

- Avoid being too absorbent with your child.
- Seeks not to protect him too much.
- Encourage him to follow his own inclinations.
- Respect and accept the defects and failures of your son.
- Value his achievements but do not praise him too much.
- Don't forget about affection. That will give you security.
- Scold or punish him when necessary and do not feel guilty about it.
- Combat the "loneliness" of your child by promoting contact and social relationships with other children.
- Look for sports and leisure activities in which you can compete and share experiences with others of the same age.
- Avoid that your child is always surrounded by adults.
- The figure of the father represents a fundamental role for the child, since he can help the son not to be too attached to the mother.
- Do not be possessive (a) with your child. Let it share with other children.
- Avoid too much control over your child. Don't tell him all the time: Don't touch, don't do that, you're going to hurt yourself, etc.
- Help your child to solve your own problems, but not all.
- Invite your child's friends to come and play at your house and let your child go to theirs too.
- Let your child live his childhood. Don't treat him like an adult. Always remember that he is a boy.
- Avoid treating him like a robot, doing everything you tell him. Help him make his own decisions, what to wear, what to eat. Ask for their opinion. Get him involved.

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