How to prevent varicose veins and cramps in pregnancy

How to prevent varicose veins and cramps in pregnancy

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The final stretch of gestation brings with it a series of discomforts related to the weight that the pregnant woman has to bear. The main problems have to do with circulation. The last trimester is the time when there are more cramps in the legs and the terrible varicose veins appear for the first time. The matron Rita Salvador, from Cummater, gives us some tips to prevent varicose veins and calm the typical cramps of this final phase of pregnancy.

Varicose veins appear because, once again, of the hormonal change that occurs during pregnancy. Varicose veins are nothing more than veins that become inflamed and can be seen with the naked eye. As a general rule, they appear on the legs, although they can also occur in other parts of the body. But, can we do something to prevent them or calm their discomfort? The matron Rita Salvador recommends us to take cold showers from the hips to the ankles:

'Varicose veins can appear throughout the pregnancy, but it is true that at the end of the third trimester they can seem more annoying. The means that we can use to alleviate them, especially it may be advisable to wear compression stockings. Other methods that we can use, less effective but also useful, can be the use of cold water showers. When we finish the shower, we end up wetting our legs from hips to ankles. '

And of course, the exercise that the pregnant woman does throughout the pregnancy can also prevent the appearance of varicose veins and calm her discomfort if they have already appeared:

'Exercising can also alleviate the discomfort of varicose veins, and especially try to rest with your legs elevated. This will also relieve us if the woman suffers from edema or poor circulation in the legs'

Varicose veins, however, are very difficult to eliminate if it is not with a medical intervention. Currently, there are fast, simple treatments for varicose veins that do not require a long recovery.

Another of the typical discomforts of the last trimester of pregnancy are cramps, especially located in the area of ​​the twins.

'Cramps are also related to hormonal changes. They usually appear in the area of ​​the legs and the calves, so you have to try to stretch the area so that all the tension is relieved from the calf area, which is usually the most common area. '

According to midwife Rita Salvador, the best thing we can do when cramps appear is to stretch the affected area and if it doesn't work, do some massage:

'When a woman suffers from cramps, what she can use is mainly to do stretching exercises, which is what will relieve the most. For example, what would be the rotation of the ankles is going to come in handy for the relief of cramps and in the event that the woman suffers a cramp, she should stretch the affected area. If the cramps are repeated, we can use different techniques, such as massages, with creams that are more comfortable. We can take the opportunity to stretch the muscles with small massages and stretches at the same time. '

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