Shared custody. Advantages and disadvantages for children

Shared custody. Advantages and disadvantages for children

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Parental separation or divorce affects the children no matter how hard you try to reduce the negative charge that it carries for the lives of children. Joint custody seems the most balanced solution in the event of a marriage breakdown, but this model has its advantages and disadvantages.

In any case, the way in which the child manages the separation of the parents and the inevitable change that is going to take place in his life will depend a lot on the relationship that the parents maintain with each other. Condemned to understand each other For the well-being of the children, joint custody requires at least dialogue and communication.

If before it was usual for the mother to remain with custody after the divorce, today shared custody is what is most recommended so that the separation is not so traumatic for the little ones. And it is that this custody model has a series of advantage.

- The break is less traumatic for the child because none of the parents disappear from their day to day. The family has changed, but it has not been broken.

- By spending the same time with both parents, the child does not have the feeling of abandonment who suffers when he goes a long time without seeing one of the two.

- The child now has two families instead of one and that should be taken as an addition to his life and not as a loss. The role of parents and their good communication is essential for this to happen.

- As joint custody requires the constant communication Between the parents, the child does not see the need to act as an intermediary between the parties, a role that children should never assume.

Although joint custody may seem like the panacea and magic remedy so that children do not suffer the negative consequences of a divorce, the truth is that it also has its disadvantages.

- In some cases of shared custody, the child always remains in the same house and it is the parents who move, but most of the time it is the child who changes house in each period of custody and this can generate certain instability.

- Both for school performance and the emotional development of children requires following certain routine, something that is lost by having two houses. When the child is already adjusting to the customs and norms of one parent, they have to move to the other parent's home.

- With this model of custody, the behavior of children can also be affected. Two parents, two houses, two different environments, each with its rules, its examples and its ways of teaching. The child may feel certain confusion and rebels against the different ways of educating.

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