Crafts for children with beads

Crafts for children with beads

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In We suggest that children make their own accessories using beads and beads. We teach you to make bracelets, headbands or decorative elements in a simple way.

Doing these manual jobs helps children to enhance their concentration and attention, improve motor coordination and produce precision work.

Here is a selection of children's activities using beads. With the beads we can make bracelets, pendants, rings and many other decorative elements.

Bracelet with beads. On our site we show you how to make flower-shaped bracelets using beads. Making bracelets, necklaces or rings is an activity that amuses and entertains children a lot.

Headband with beads. From our site we propose to decorate a simple headband with colored beads so that your daughter is the queen of the party. An entertaining craft in which the girls can collaborate to make a beautiful flower made with beads to decorate a children's headband.

Frame with beads. Creating a frame is very easy and fun, it is also a craft that encourages creativity and imagination as it offers multiple possibilities. On our site we have made a frame with eva rubber and we have decorated it with beads in the shape of sea animals.

Crown with clips and beads. Learn how to make this original Christmas wreath with wooden clothespins. On our site we teach you how to make Christmas decorations easily and simply. We have made an original Christmas wreath with clothespins, so that they can decorate the front door of your house.

EVA rubber bracelet and beads. If your daughter is very conceited and loves to wear rings and bracelets, we suggest you make them at home and very easily. On our site we teach you how to make, step by step, bracelets with eva rubber and beads.