Tricks to treat insomnia after childbirth

Tricks to treat insomnia after childbirth

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You finally have your baby at home and start the adventure of motherhood. Happiness comes in equal parts with certain inconveniences derived from the new situation, starting with postpartum discomfort, among which it takes on special prominence The insomnia.

Insomnia after delivery is inevitable due to fatigue and physical discomfort as your body keeps changing. But without a doubt that baby and his madmen waking and sleeping schedules They are the ones that will prevent you from remembering what it is to sleep 7 hours in a row. Still, we have some tips for treating postpartum insomnia.

- Schedules. You will have to forget about your usual sleep schedules for a while and adapt to the baby's schedule. Getting up to breastfeed in the middle of the night is a total breakdown of the sleep cycleBut learn from your baby and you too will be able to sleep during the day.

- Priorities. We insist that the best trick to treat insomnia after childbirth is to modify your life perspective and establish new priorities. If the baby falls asleep in the middle of the morning, forget about cleaning, washing or cooking and get into bed for a short but restful sleep.

- Bed. Try to lie in bed no matter what time it is. It is most tempting lay you on the couch a little while while your baby sleeps, but if you go to bed you will get more rest.

- Help. You are the mom but you don't have to exercise all the time. Ask for help. The father can and should also take care of the baby without any concern on your part. Do not doubt ask for help to your mother, your sister or your friends so that they can take care of the baby for a few hours so that you can rest.

- Relaxation. Your life has become a madness of responsibilities and obligations and you have come to forget about yourself. Experts assure that dedicating a few 10 minutes to relaxation they can help you regain all the energy you need and sleep better. Try yoga for you and your baby and do not leave rest in the background.

- Infusions. Use the power of plants, and if you are very nervous and cannot fall asleep, help yourself with an infusion of valerian. It will make you relax and get to sleep at any time of the day.

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