Our children's right to play

Our children's right to play

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I have an aunt, already elderly, who when she was little suffered the Spanish civil war. She always says that because she was the oldest of her sisters and because of the terrible situation that happened in those years, she did not have the possibility to play and act like a girl, she considers that this experience had 'stolen her childhood' and it had marked her forever.

All children have the right to be educated and protected, but also we must grant them the right to have fun, to learn, to express themselves and to be excited through the game. According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which celebrates its anniversary on November 20, every child has the right to play. The game is not only a pleasant entertainment for the child, it is an experimentation tool with which the child understands and explains how things work, it is a very important intellectual process in the child, in addition to serving as an affective and social bond with other children .

Observing their games makes us easily understand the importance they have for their development and happiness, and they also help us to get to know our children better, since we see their concerns, skills, needs or fears reflected in their playful actions. The child's play with toys, with nature, with everyday objects, with imagination, with friends, with words, etc. It is an activity that you cannot and should not do without since, in addition to providing the child with obvious happiness, it is necessary for their intellectual, emotional and social development, because:

- It drives them to experimentation and creativity;

- It favors communication with us and your peers;

- Promotes their individuality, autonomy and initiative;

- Develops imagination and personality;

- It serves to learn behaviors and solve problems that seem unsolvable, even to alleviate conflicts and illnesses.

The game allows the psychic maturation of the child through the assimilation, understanding and adaptation of external reality. Playing as experimentation is an excellent preparation for adult life. For all these reasons, from our site we call on countries to fight to make this very important right a reality in the lives of children, and to prevent nothing and no one from stealing childhood from any child in the world.

Patro Gabaldon

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