Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnant women

Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnant women

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Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnant women it is motivated by fluid retention, which causes sensations of pain, tingling, burning and weakness to grasp things. Preventing it in pregnancy is essential to be prepared after delivery to safely hold your baby.

The carpal tunnel is a sheath that surrounds a series of ligaments and bones at the wrist level. When the structures that form it become inflamed, they narrow the tunnel and put pressure on the nerve and tendons, causing numbness in the hand, clumsiness and pain. This process is called Carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is a disease suffered by people who dorepetitive movements with the wrist those who add tension or who maintain the same forced position for a long period of time. In the case of pregnant women, it is motivated by fluid retention. This ailment decreases little by little after delivery until it stops hurting. It is true that when you have your baby, putting him in and out of the crib, giving him the bottle or holding him, can also cause it and this time if it will be by performing repetitive movements with tension.

The first thing to do is avoid fluid retentions. For this, draining massages are good, exercise to prevent edema from forming, monitor constipation and take diuretics without abuse. If they are natural better, such as the Brazilian coconut liquid, tea or asparagus, yes, without abusing.

When you are already suffering, we must monitor fluid retention more closely, using night splints, contrast baths, local ice application, acupuncture, and fascial releases. Physiotherapists or osteopaths take care of the latter, since there is a whole protocol of action to alleviate and treat the ailment, in addition to being able to find all the necessary information to prevent it. And after delivery, when fluid retention has dropped, but mothers begin to carry the baby in their arms, holding him, transporting him from the car to the crib or arms, these movements will become repetitive out of necessity and the risk of suffering from the syndrome increases.

The dependence that the baby has on the mother, until it is completely autonomous to walk, will also play an important role in the accumulation of muscular tension in the mother. It is very common for mothers to suffer back, headache, arm and hand pain, and they report fatigue.

Thus, it is advisable that they take care of themselves physically, who perform some exercise such as Pilates, yoga or maintenance gymnastics, all with the aim of gaining muscular endurance and minimizing muscle tension through postural correction exercises and stretching. Yes with everything, it is not enough, a visit to the physiotherapist or a spa will not hurt. The important thing is to surround yourself with professionals and invest time and resources in taking care of yourself to be one hundred percent, and then give yourself body and soul to the baby.

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