The pertussis vaccine for pregnant women

The pertussis vaccine for pregnant women

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In recent weeks, four babies have died in Spain from whooping cough. Babies were infected before they could be vaccinated and this vaccine it is only possible to administer it when they have already completed two months.

This fact has filled many parents with newborn babies with fear, since although it is not a very common disease, nor is it a pandemic, it is enough for a baby under two months to become infected to put their health at risk. It can be avoided? The solution is in vaccinate pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Whooping cough is a disease caused by bacteria. It causes bouts of coughing, pneumonia, suffocation and even death and is spread through droplets of saliva that we release when we speak, cough or sneeze.

To be protected against this disease Babies are given DTaP from two months, which is a combined vaccine against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Subsequently it is administered again at four, six months and eighteen months. Until the baby gets all the doses, he is not fully protected.

Newborns who have not yet received this vaccine can be infected through people in their environment who carry the disease, so in many countries it is recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated against pertussis.

It is considered a safe vaccine that cannot harm the developing baby, although it is advisable to administer it during the third trimester of pregnancy. In this way, the baby is protected since it receives the antibodies through the mother.

It is hard to believe, but the pertussis vaccine is scarce in the world, so in some countries they choose to give it only to babies. In alarming situations like this one in Spain in which three babies died, the scope is extended to pregnant mothers, ignoring children, who they should wear a souvenir at age six, since it is assumed that having been vaccinated before, they are already protected against the disease.

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