What 11-year-olds learn

What 11-year-olds learn

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At this age, children enter preadolescence, so in addition to having one more year, many of them begin the journey in a more complicated stage than usual where the hormone revolution is totally normal and emotions become the protagonists. But it is also an important year in learning, because although it already has a good consolidated base, it never stops learning and now, it is the beginning of a new stage since soon it will also they will have a school change.

In this stage, priority is given to more interdisciplinary learning above all because in a short time the children will have a transition from primary school to secondary school where they will have an expansion of the world, of learning and of the way of learning: their independence and also their responsibility will increase.

1. At these ages it is normal to start to learn a better organization Because you will have more homework in school that will require long-term learning, parents will no longer be able to help you in all the knowledge and you will have to dig deeper and better into the new knowledge.

2. At this age, 11-year-old boys and girls have increased connectivity in the brain so they will have an increase in intellectual abilities such as memory and the ability to read (and understand it).

3. They will have a increased abstract thinking, hypothetical reasoning and all of this will lead to amazing new skills. At this age children are able to mentally manipulate complicated math and learning in general. You can deepen your knowledge allowing you to create a good knowledge base.

4. They are capable of build new and own ideas, thinking abstractly and actively participating in the exploration and understanding of areas of interest from all disciplines. If your intellectual confidence is right and you are confident in your possibilities, you can be a brilliant boy or girl.

5. They are able to empathize with others and understand their emotions. Sometimes somewhat exaggerated emotions due to early puberty, they will continue to need parental guidance in order to be guided.

6. Friends are very important at this stage and they need direct contact with them. In school and outside of it, friends begin to play a very important role in their social and personal development.

7. You need to emphasize children and make them understand that to be smart effort is needed. There are children who think that intelligence is static and that it will not change, that is why there are many high school students who begin to have school failure, because they feel incapable, not intelligent ... and they mistakenly believe that this cannot be changed with effort.

It is important that parents help them at this stage to be able to classify the massive information they receive from abroad and from the school as important and not important, they should also value their children and realize what is important to them, what skills and talents they possess and the learnings they need to apply in their future. Parents will need patience and an open mind, not only to enhance children's learning, but also because children at these ages need to find their balance.

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