Disney songs with message for children

Disney songs with message for children

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Lyrics of cartoon songs that convey values


The movies that our children watch are full of songs with positive messages that will help us in their education. our site tre brings the lyrics of Aladdin's Ideal World for you to sing with your children.

The hope and optimism is the message that Disney conveys in his song 'Smile and sing'. No problem is big enough if we approach it from a positive point of view. On our site you can find the lyrics of the Snow White song.

Love natureTaking advantage of the day to day, not giving importance to what does not deserve it and learning from mistakes is all that Baloo transmits to us in 'The most vital'. Disney, once again, takes advantage of its films to give positive messages to children, and you can find the best known.

Although Mulan pretends to be a man to go to war instead of his father, in this song he tells us about the importance of being true to yourself. It is important that we convey to our children the importance of having a strong personality so that deliberate people cannot manipulate them.

Like Baloo in The Jungle Book or Elisa in Frozen, Timón and Pumbaa advise us in Hakuna Matata to forget the complications that life presents us and to dedicate ourselves to do what really makes us happy. Obviously we cannot evade our responsibilities, but it is in our power not to give more importance than due to things that do not have it.

Respect for nature and othersRegardless of skin color, gender or religion, is the message that Pocahontas tries to convey to Captain John Smith. It is one of the Disney songs that teaches the most and with which we can transmit the most values ​​to our children.

As the Beauty and the Beast song says, beauty is within. In this superficial world, where everything is judged by what it seems rather than what it is, it is very important that we know how to transmit the value of respect and love. Nobody and nothing is less than nobody because of having another skin color, sex or religion.

Elsa, princess from Frozen, talks to us in 'Let it go' about the importance of face fears to move on. If we live conditioned by everything we do not face, we can never be truly happy.

The best Dinsey song that best portrays the value of friendship. As parents, we have the responsibility to convey to our children the importance of being and having true friends. Those who are in the good and the bad, which is where real friendships are seen.

What is achieved without effort or perseverance? The famous muses of Hercules are clear: nothing is achieved. As parents, we must teach our children that results are achieved through effort and that if they put everything on their side, they can achieve everything they propose.

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