Why are Christmas stories so sad?

Why are Christmas stories so sad?

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For the vast majority of people, the Christmas holidays are a time to be merry, an injection of joy and optimism. The kitchens are always heated by the preparations of the meals and the succulent Christmas sweets to enjoy in company.

The stores full of people to shop for gifts to give to those we love the most; our cameras and videos loaded and ready ...

The atmosphere, despite the long winter nights, fills with color: cities and houses shine with decoration and lights, and we see in the eyes of our children the brilliance of illusion, play and a little vacation break .

But still, don't you have the feeling that when we read or watch a Christmas story on TV, a lump gets in our throat, we choke our nougat or a tear runs down our cheek ...? Do you remember the famous Christmas story by Hans Christian Andersen: The Saleswoman with the Matches? It is one of the saddest stories I have ever seen, poor girl! Or do you remember the well-known Mr. Scrooge, from Charles Dickens's Christmas Carol? That heart hardened by selfishness incapable of feeling any compassion and love for anyone.

Undoubtedly these stories depict many of the calamities that exist in our world and give us much to think about: they speak of abandonment, loneliness, hunger, of people who do not know how to share, but although these stories shake our sleeping consciences to be better people, realize our selfishness, value what we have and help those who do not have our luck, is it necessary that they have to leave us that bitterness to be able to enjoy Christmas and be generous with everyone?

... And I wonder: Is there a tale of Christmas happy? Maybe my memory is weak, but I don't remember that any of them in their development are not sad, even if they have a happy ending. So since, we put a huge ad: 'Wanted a merry Christmas story'. Does anyone know any? If so, do not hesitate to send it to us, please.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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