Going barefoot can make your baby smarter

Going barefoot can make your baby smarter

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There is no doubt that when children go barefoot they are happier. I say it for my daughter. One of the first little things she did when she got home was take off her little shoes. I hated them! And that's since he was a baby. He always lost his booties and those cute little knitted shoes on the street when he went in a cart. At home, the two of us always went barefoot. Who doesn't like to go barefoot around the house, on the beach sand, on the lawn ...?

I think that if a lot of babies and children like to go barefoot, it will be for something. Another thing is the parents' concern about whether this habit causes colds or damage to the feet. The habit of going barefoot is not only comfortable for children but also offers many advantages:

1- Makes them get to know your body more closelySee how their toes move and how they smell. My daughter, for example, loved to put her foot in her mouth after bathing. For that, I always had to keep my nails well trimmed so that she wouldn't hurt herself.

2- Helps in the formation of the arch of the sole of the foot, avoiding flat feet. Walking barefoot is a good exercise to shape the bones that make up the sole of the foot. In fact, when my daughter started taking her first steps, the doctor advised that she walk barefoot, on her toes, on her heels, to stimulate the development of the arch. Apart from that, that we buy suitable footwear.

3- Facilitates and encourages children to walk.

4- Offers more sensory experiences to the child, especially if you walk barefoot on the sand of the beach, or on a garden lawn, or on a different surface. Make sure that the area in which the child is going to step is free from foreign objects or objects that could harm the child's feet.

5- Prevents children from having fungus as well as corns and bad smell on their feet. They will sweat less.

In the event that the child feels cold or that the parents are concerned about their health, it is recommended that instead of putting a shoe, it would be best to put a sock with non-slip on the sole. Thus, in addition, the child will not slip. It is also important that children's feet are always dry.

Baby's movement through bare feet can enhance his intellectual development. This is what a study, entitled ‘Preventive podiatry, reveals: barefoot children equal smarter children ', carried out by Isabel Gentil García, professor at the University School of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry of the Complutense University of Madrid. In this study, Isabel makes a criticism of the publicity of footwear for "preandantes" babies, as well as the excessive recommendation of some pediatricians to wear babies. For her, the shoes are only recommended to warm the feet of babies.

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