5 ideas to entertain children in a restaurant

5 ideas to entertain children in a restaurant

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Sometimes we are forced to eat out at restaurants that are not designed for children. On those occasions we must find a way to keep the entertaining children for their sake, for ours and for the other guests.

And it is difficult for a restless child to remain calm in a place like a restaurant where times are sometimes too long. But it is Our responsibility make our children know how to behave in all social situations.

Lately, a certain amount of child phobia has been gaining ground in some public spaces such as cafes, hotels, restaurants and even transport. But child phobia is not caused by children, but by parents who neglect attention of those children when they are in society. So we've been looking for some ideas to keep the kids entertained.

1. Conversation. Children often get bored and misbehave because they are excluded from adult conversation. The ideal is involve the children in the topics of conversation that come out during the stay in the restaurant.

2 games. If the wait in the restaurant is long, you can resort to the typical games like asking them to name all the foods they know from the letter A, for example, and completing the alphabet until the food arrives. The game of 'I see I see' is an infallible resource for any situation.

3. Drawings. It does not hurt to always carry a small notebook with colored pencils so that children can entertain themselves with one of the activities they like the most: drawing and coloring. If we also ask that the drawing be related to the moment, they will put all their senses in the task.

4. Stories. The tradition of storytelling as a family should not be lost because it stimulates children's creativity. Tell them or a story or make up a story Between everyone, it's a good way to keep you busy.

5. Console. As a last resort, if all of the above fails and the children are misbehaving In the restaurant, we can go to the console or the mobile phone, something that will keep your attention immediately and until the meal is finished.

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