Causes of sleepwalking in children

Causes of sleepwalking in children

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Many sleeping children appear to wake up upset, have nightmares, and can talk and move in deep sleep. Why is this happening to them?

The disorder is called somnambulism And it can affect children, who while they sleep they carry out activities such as communicating or moving and even walking without the need to be awake.

- At what time of the night does sleepwalking occur: The first sleep phase is the one that produces sleepwalking. This means that children can suffer it when they have just fallen asleep, at first which can be called wakefulness.

- At what ages is it more frequent: Children who usually walk, talk or do activities while they sleep are usually between five and twelve years old. Naturally, though not in all cases, a high percentage of children who move and wander at night tend to stop when puberty hits. However, other people, conditioned by stress or LifestyleAs well as stimuli such as caffeine, they can suffer from these sleep disorders as adults.

1. Causes that condition sleepAlthough there are no specific causes, this rare behavior during sleep can occur when children have lived episodes of stress at school or at home. This can lead to episodes of somnambulism at night, which can be mistaken for nightmares and night terrors. Also, if children do not have a fixed and controlled sleep schedule and each time they go to bed for an hour or are slow to fall asleep, they may suffer these episodes of involuntary sleepwalking.

2. Sleep genetics: It can happen that many children inherit sleep behaviors from their parents. The act of wandering while asleep can be directly caused by a connection between the areas of the brain that control movement and rest in equal parts. For this reason, although not in all cases, parents who have sleepwalking in adulthood can have children with sleep disorders.

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