The sad letter of a girl who lives with an alcoholic father

The sad letter of a girl who lives with an alcoholic father

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There are many children and babies who live with alcoholic parents, with fathers and mothers whose behavior is altered and suffer from mood swings, sudden euphoria or aggressive behaviors towards their children.

Children have to face the suffering, pain, grief and trauma of living with alcoholic parents, and on many occasions, abuse as well. This is what the NGO Brancas Bandeiras wanted to report with a shocking and shocking video: Letter to Jack.

Letter to Jack is an exciting video in which Laura, an 8-year-old girl, writes a letter to an alleged friend of her father, whom she blames for changes in your behavior.

'Dear Jack, don't tell Dad that I'm writing you this letter, he might get mad at me.' 'I just wanted to ask you a favor, get out of our lives. Dad lost his job because of you, we had to sell home to pay the bills. ' 'There was no money to buy food.

The letter The girl goes on to say that her father did not go to her graduation, nor to her ballet performance, nor does he return home until after midnight. He began to hurt the mother, first with words and then with the belt.

The video finally reveals who Jack is, it is about a famous brand of whiskey, to which Laura wrote shortly before she died a victim of assault by her father.

Laura's letter is fictitious, but the campaign was launched based on real testimonies collected by the NGO itself to publicize a common reality in many families.

Children who live with alcoholic parents are not only victims of abuse by their parents, they also have to face:

- Confusion: children do not understand changes in father's behavior.

- Culpability: sometimes they believe that they are the cause of the problem.

- Anxiety, worry and fear: to the reactions of the father or mother.

- Rage: anger and anger at the situation you live.

- Depression: the child cannot change or help his alcoholic father and is often depressed.

They can also accuse failure in school, aggressive behaviors and even indulge in the abuse of alcoholic beverages or drugs.

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