Children's gifts for Father's Day

Children's gifts for Father's Day

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The calendar is full of dates to give: Valentine's Day, Christmas, a birthday, children's communion, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and even, many people have the tradition of giving for the saint's day.

If we start to add up what all these gifts from our partner, our children, our parents, friends and family cost us ... in the end it turns out that we have spent an enormous amount of money. However, it is not always necessary to break the bank and use our savings on these dates. Sometimes the gifts made by childrenThey have much more value than anything else we can buy in a store.

A kiss
There are very affectionate children who have no trouble giving their parents kisses. Others, more lazy, find it more difficult to show their affection. However, a good gift for Father's Day is a big kiss that shows all the love that children feel for their parents.

A hug
We parents love to be hugged by our children. Those little arms wrap around our neck and squeeze hard as if they had to use all the strength of their little bodies. It is a precious moment.

A smile
The laughter of a child is contagious, their way of laughing causes a smile in the elderly. Children's smiles are indicative of their happiness, a sense of well-being and the joy they feel at that moment. All of this is a true gift for parents.

Free gifts
There are activities that do not cost money such as painting a picture, making a craft, singing a song to Dad or entertaining him with a funny joke. It does not matter how the drawing turned out, or if the craft is not entirely perfect. They may not remember the whole song or they may not tell the joke well. The important thing is the intention and the desire they have put in to make their dad happy.

As a mother, I prefer any of these gifts, because my children have put all their effort and enthusiasm to create something thinking of me. All this is worth more than any gift in the world, don't you think?

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