Father there is only one

Father there is only one

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Can you imagine accepting a juicy job offer in another country, located at least 6 or 7 hours away by plane, while your partner is 'delighted' at home with the children because he decides to accept another job offer that he cannot refuse? What for many women and men in our country is a dream or, rather, a utopia to reconcile work and family life in these terms, a Swedish couple is experiencing at this time.

Once again Sweden gave us a lesson in reconciling work and family life. This has been the case of politician Erik Ullenhag, a 38-year-old father, who combines the care of his six and two-year-old children with his job as a minister, while his wife has moved to Jerusalem to develop her professional career.

When he talks about his situation, I find it irresistible to drool a little because it is difficult to find a man who is so supportive of us, the women who bear as much as we can the nightmare of combining work and family. He recognizes that it is easier for him to take care of his children than for other people because, although he works a lot, he can organize his routine to spend more time with them and thanks to his flexible hours he can drop the children off at school in the morning and pick them up. in the afternoon, and if you have to go on a trip, your in-laws and parents help you out.

So far, his words do not surprise me, they are even familiar to me, because I know of some similar cases, of women who work a lot, but have people or relatives who help them with the children or at home when they need it. But, the best thing is when he says that, honestly, it is a lot of work, that for a couple of years it is fine, but that you can't be like this for 15 years. Luckily, children grow up, if not, what would become of us!

But there is still more: another of the pearls that he has released is that everything is easier if you are a man. People see you as a good guy and help you more. She recognizes that when she forgets to bring an extra piece of clothing in winter for her children, at school they help her to solve it, without further ado, in a positive way, while women would be reminded of neglect. And U.S? We are supposed to be good mothers and it is surprising when we fail, go through a bad streak or have distractions from not being able to get to everything. If this is still happening in Sweden, a country that is currently a model for work-life balance, on which rung of the ladder are we? Fortunately, we are getting closer and closer to equality between men and women, and this represents a great advance for society in general. I love discovering that there are fathers in the world who strive every day to show that there is only one father.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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