The little ant. Short poem for children

The little ant. Short poem for children

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Waking up every day and nothing bad happens is in itself a great gift. Living life from day to day and enjoying every minute is a great message for children. To transmit this type of teachings, nothing better than rhyming poetry.

This poetry The little ant, they tell us about the adventures of a small ant that a dog is about to crush. However, chance will take her from one place to another until she can return to her anthill. The little ant has never felt so good as at home.

A little ant was walking

on the way to his anthill,

and suddenly trembled

the soil of the whole world.

A great german shepherd

went by jumping by his side,

and with his tail he swept

to the little ant, oh how scary!

Trembling was

still scared

when a shepherd's staff

in his head he had,

right away, take a good jump

got out of his way,

sweating, with many nerves,

and he ended up in a river.

Half drowned and out of breath

came swimming to shore,

still not explained

how she's still alive

A gust of wind

pushes her into some bushes,

and in a moment it is

surrounded by animals.

How can and very slowly

quiet, without making noise,

escapes without being seen

this time, he was lucky.

At last in the anthill,

with a shattered body

gets into the hole,

With the fear that has passed!

With four legs dangling,

with his head broken,

the little ant no longer wants,

does not want to go out for nothing.

That this life is very hard,

luck is not with her,

she is miraculously alive,

God will say between now and tomorrow!

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