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8 good things and 3 bad things that children will never forget about their parents

8 good things and 3 bad things that children will never forget about their parents

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What is it children will never forget their parents? If you are thinking about this or that gift, you are wrong, even if it does not seem so at first glance. The little ones, no matter how old they are, remember from their parents those things that mark their path, what makes them happy and makes them laugh and also what has made them feel bad. If I ask you the other way: what do you remember about your parents when you were a child? Sure you understand much better. In our site We have prepared a list of the good and not so good things that children will never forget their parents. The objective? Change the bad things and make the list of the beautiful things endless. Let's go there!

Where to start? There are so many things that the little ones in the house will remember about their parents throughout their lives that it is difficult to start with one. Perhaps we should start with the small moments of his earliest childhood that will surely become the most beautiful of his memories. By the way, to make this list endless, you will have to write down one good thing each week. How exciting!

1. Your child will never forget when he was little and fell
Why won't you forget this no matter how long the years go by? Well, because his mom and dad were there to wipe his tears, hold him, kiss him and cradle him until the pain of the fall had passed. There are times when children need a sincere hug, especially when they are still babies, as this is one of the good things they will always remember.

2. Celebrating your birthday
Of course yes! I also remember when I was a child and my parents prepared a party for me with all the love in the world, with cake included, for my birthday. No matter the gifts and the place where the celebration was held, what really mattered was feeling loved and special. Without a doubt a memory that is priceless.

3. Nor will they forget care when they were sick
The first point joins the third. That mom and dad take care of you when you are little and you have a bad stomach or a cold is something that is comforting as well as a memory to carry in your heart.

4. A tip that has gone deep
And if we talk about the memories that our children are going to keep as they grow up, we have to mention that special advice given at the right time and that has also reached deep. It is not easy to grow up, get older and make decisions alone, so a piece of advice, a word of encouragement, a phrase to think about will never fall on deaf ears. And less if the parents tell us!

5. A little surprise
Tell me something, what little surprise do you remember from your childhood? It comes to mind when I was a kid at home doing my homework. My father came home from work, gave me a kiss, and put the colored pen he had bought for me on the way home on the table. Yes, dear mom, the details and the little surprises are the ones that touch the heart the most.

6. A scolding in time
No, I have not been wrong, a good scolding, that is, with love and respect, is also one of the good things that children will never forget. It is not that at that moment they are happy that you have caught their attention, but when they grow a little they will understand the importance of their parents knowing how to limit them. You will see how much they thank you!

7. The times when family is put above all else
And in this section I include leaving the cell phone when we are with the family, not putting work above all else, taking time to do activities together and anything else that has to do with being with the family and enjoying it to the fullest. What are moments that you will never forget either?

8. Play in the park in the afternoons
After school it's extracurricular and then go home to do homework, shower, get ready for the next day's classes ... Where is the time to be in the park to have the much-needed outdoor play activity not directed?

If you are one of the moms or dads who stop even 5 minutes in the park before getting home, congratulations, it's something else that your children will always remember, and that they will know how to thank you when they are older!

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What do you think about the list of good things that the children will keep in their memory? Surely you liked it as much or more than we did. But since things are also improving and learning to be excellent parents, here are 3 bad things that children will also always remember.

- A cheek
Punishments, I prefer to call them consequences, should never be physical. It does not mean that if your child is doing something bad you should not set a limit, the idea is that this limit is never physical, not even when the child has hit. Children learn by imitation, as you solve these types of situations they will do the same in the future. The cheek is something bad that they will always remember, isn't it worth it? By the way, I think it's time that we get out of our mind that horrible phrase that says that a slap on time is always better.

- Look at the mobile instead of paying attention to them
I wonder why more and more young people are gawking at the mobiles that we let them use at an early age ... Is it not that parents do the same? The fact is that, and without wanting to seem too critical, the children will not forget that we look at the cell phone instead of spending quality time with them.

- Not being in a special moment of your life
It is sure that you already know it, if you do not go on the day their soccer game is played, or the day the Christmas festival is celebrated, of course they, your children, will not forget it. Better to organize the agenda and not miss, right?

Seen on paper these things are not that difficult to change, right? I'm going to try it, will you sign up too?

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