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Saint Lucia's Day, December 13. Names for girl

Saint Lucia's Day, December 13. Names for girl

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Lucy is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one who carries the light', a message that anticipates something of the immense contribution that this baby makes to the family with his arrival. Celebrate your name day on December 13, what is the saint lucia day. Do you want to know more about this saints and about this name? We will tell you everything below!

December 13 is celebrated Saint Lucia Day, in honor of Saint Lucia of Syracuse. This young woman from Sicily was born into a noble house and was brought up in Christianity. Her parents wanted her to marry a neighbor, but she preferred to dedicate her life to God.

At the time, she was persecuted for being a Christian, which led her to suffer terrible torture. Some traditions say they gouged out his eyes and stabbed him in the stomachOthers that she was beheaded or hit on the back. One of the best known legends about this saint explains that Lucia had such beautiful eyes that she does not let one of her suitors rest, so to alleviate her suffering, the young woman ended up tearing them off and sending them to her.

Saint Lucia is considered patroness of the blind and holy protector of sight and, due to her martyrdom, one of the attributes with which she is always represented is with eyes on a tray. However, she is also the patron saint of electricians, photographers and glaziers.

It is a very venerated saint in different corners of the world. So much so, that every December 13 is a very celebrated day in countries such as Spain, where bonfires are lit in certain towns or pilgrimages are organized, or Colombia, which hosts different processions and masses in his honor.

However, one of the most beautiful celebrations that are organized around Santa Lucia takes place in Sweden and Finland. As the date of December 13 approaches, different activities are organized in all cities in his honor: masses (although it is a festival that people who are not religious also share), concerts in churches, family meals ...

It is typical for children to dress in white and procession with candles in hand. There is always a girl who plays Saint Lucia and who wears a crown on his head with candles (They are usually electric to avoid dangers). In addition, she wears a red sash that represents the blood of the saint when she was martyred. During the procession, the girls and boys (who dress in pointed caps with stars) sing Christmas carols and songs dedicated to Saint Lucia.

In his honor, in addition, it is typical to take during the month of December some saffron rolls, shaped like an 8 and with two raisins on top that represent the eyes of the saint. These sweets are called Lussebulle (Lucia buns). What a beautiful celebration!

If you are thinking about him Lucia's name for your girl it is because it is a name that evokes at the same time tradition and modernity, delicacy and firmness, reflection and naturalness and, above all, smile, elegance and sophistication.

In addition, the possibilities that the name Lucia allows are many, including Lucinda and Light as variants in Spanish. Lucie is the French version of the name and Lucy corresponds to the version of the name in English.

Lucía, the same form that we find in Spanish among Italian names, in Italy, the land of St. Lucia, a country where you will find a large number of women with this name. But we especially like the Russian version of your daughter's name, Svetlana.

And also, among the famous Lucías we find Lucy Pevensie as one of the protagonists of the literary saga The Chronicles of Narnia. But if someone has managed to raise the name Lucía to the top, surrounding it with a strong emotional charge, that is the singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat with his unforgettable song dedicated to Lucy, which has made more than a few women want to call themselves Lucia while listening to this song. And of course, we do not forget the play Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles.

By the way, there is a popular saying in honor of Saint Lucia: 'For Saint Lucia, shorten the night and lengthen the day'. And it is that from then on, the duration of the day and night keeps changing.

According to numerology, the sum of the value of the letters of a name gives us some clues of what that person is like. In Lucía's case, we have the following according to the position that each letter occupies in the alphabet: L (3), U (3), C (3), I (9), A (1). If we add all the figures we have as a result the number 19 which, in turn, when adding 1 + 9 we have 10; and 1 + 0 is 1, so we get that the number for Lucia is 1.

Leadership is one of the main qualities of the girls named Lucía, whose number is 1. Thanks to her charismatic personality and her great initiative, they manage to attract attention and make everyone heed their wishes and advice. You just have to guide these little ones so that they do not take advantage of those who have placed their trust in them and so that they are loyal.

In addition, parents must accompany the girls of number 1 to develop their full potential, which is a lot! They will only need a little push up when they feel the saddest.

If you are looking for beautiful names for your girl, and Lucia is one of your options, it is very possible that you also like the following ideas that we propose. These are four other names for girls that also have 5 letters and are as popular as Lucia among newborns.

  • Maria. María continues to be one of the most frequent names for babies, either in its simple form or as a compound name accompanying another nickname. Mary is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the chosen one' or 'the beloved of God'. Impossible not to remember the Virgin Mary.
  • Sofia. Given the choice of a name with these characteristics, we cannot fail to include Sofia as a pretty option. This name is of Greek origin that has a beautiful meaning: 'wisdom'.
  • Laura. As time goes by, this name will never sound outdated. And it is that this is one of those names with tradition but that today are still used with newborn babies. Its origin is Latin and means 'the winner'.
  • Paula. We finish this small selection of names for girls with Paula. This name comes from the Latin, paulus, and means 'small' or 'weak'. It is often said to be the feminine variant of Pablo, another name for babies that is the order of the day.

After knowing all these curiosities about the name of Lucía, have you decided on it for your daughter? If the answer is yes, you know: mark December 13, Saint Lucia's day, on your calendar! From now on it will be a celebration more important than any for you.

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