Valentine's Day for Kids: Ideas, Activities, and Crafts

Valentine's Day for Kids: Ideas, Activities, and Crafts

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Valentine's Day does not have to be an exclusive celebration of lovers, on our site we have decided to extend it also to children so that they can express their love and also receive it.

We propose a lot of recipes, crafts and activities that you can do at home with the children to organize a valentines party for kids. Then the children can give their loved ones what they have made with love.

Enjoy this day of love and friendship as a family with all these proposals to make small gifts and homemade details that will make those who receive them very excited. And you ... you can also create many hearts to give to your children.

Printable Valentine cards. Print out those cards, gather some colored pencils, and invite your kids to color them. We offer you 9 postcards with pictures to paint for free with children. You just have to color the card you like the most and give it to your loved ones for Valentine's Day.

Original crafts for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is an ideal time to teach children the value of love and how good it is to transmit and give affection to others. What's more, children can also celebrate February 14 and for this on our site we propose you to make some original and easy-to-do children's crafts, they are crafts made ... with a lot of heart!

Easy recipes for Valentine's Day. Fun heart-shaped sweet recipes to make with children and celebrate such endearing dates as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or a birthday. An exquisite and delicious way to give love to loved ones. Easy and homemade recipes for the family.

Heart-shaped salty recipes. 12 homemade recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day with children. Easy salty recipes to surprise loved ones on such endearing dates as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. our site has prepared heart-shaped savory recipes.

Sweet recipes with a heart shape. 18 easy and sweet recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day with children. Delicious recipes, with a heart shape to also celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or another celebration. Homemade recipes so that we can all express our affection and love to loved ones.

7 crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day with children. We have selected 7 fantastic crafts to celebrate Valentine's Day with the children. From a heart-shaped box to a delicious rose-shaped cupcake. Discover 7 wonderful ideas to prepare a surprising gift for Valentine's Day. You can do these crafts with your child.

Homemade muffin recipe with hearts for Valentine's Day. Love is a sweet and very intense feeling, as intense as the color of the muffins that we propose to bake. These are very romantic Red Velvet and Cheesecake muffins. Homemade recipe, easy and quick to prepare.

Valentines Day card. Crafts for kids. Simple craft to post hearts for Valentine's Day. Cardboard card with hearts for Valentine's Day. Make this beautiful Valentine's Day craft with your children.

Heart cake with chocolate and jam for Valentine's Day. Turn a simple cake into a very original cake for Valentine's Day or another special occasion. our site teaches us how to make a heart cake recipe with chocolate and jam to cook with children. An easy, simple and very rich recipe.

Thermometer of love. Fun children's experiment for Valentine's Day. The love thermometer is a fun experiment for children that you can do on Valentine's Day. We tell you step by step how to create this children's craft designed to show the love you feel within your family. Write down the materials needed to do it.

Every day, regardless of the date and whether it is celebrated, we must show our children love, a lot of love. If it's not something you do often, take advantage of Valentine's Day to introduce this routine into your life! You sign up? If you lack ideas, here are some ideas to express love to your offspring.

1 - How often do you hug your child?
According to experts, they say that the child, for proper development, needs twelve hugs a day. Let's start with the good morning or good night!

2 - Affection, hugs and physical contact
Kisses are also a classic to express love and affection.And, you may not know, they have magical powers: they are capable of reducing the pain and crying of a child.

3 - Listening to him
Stopping and doing nothing but listening is a great gesture of love that we are losing more and more. We always think that ours is the most important thing and we do not empathize with our little ones and with their things. Let's change it!

4 - Going to find him one day at school
The surprise effect is closely related to joy and love. Imagine his face when he sees you appear among the other mothers who crowd at the door of his school! Or the day you stand in the stands of your football or basketball game. Indescribable!

5 - Inviting him to help you prepare food
Children love to enter the world of adults and they are fascinated by everything related to the field of food. Let them become little masterchefs tonight.

6 - Playing with them
Many times the day to day and the rhythm that we carry does not allow us to take time to play with our son. That must be changed now! Monday through Friday can be difficult, but on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays you have to find it.

7 - Telling him a story
What if that moment of falling asleep while listening to your voice in the background? Will it be a memory that will always remain with him throughout his life?

8 - Smiling at you and looking into your eyes
Many times you do not have to say anything, simply make a small gesture such as holding hands, throwing an affectionate look or outlining a shy smile on your mouth.

9 - Giving him a phrase
From time to time, it is not wrong to put into words what the heart does not dare to say. How about 'You are special, there is no one like you!'?

Stories, poetry and fables offer children the possibility of discovering new worlds, of letting their imaginations fly, of becoming more creative people, of increasing their vocabulary ... For parents they are also an excellent educational tool, since allows us to talk with our children about universal and essential values ​​for the development of the person, as is the case with love.

We wanted to make a compilation with the best stories, poems and fables that speak, in one way or another, of affection and affection towards others.

When you have two daughters and one of them asks you 'Who do you love more of the two?', Everyone is speechless, because they don't know what to answer to that question. This has happened to me and, after a few seconds of shock, I remembered what my mother once said to me when I was coming home from my swimming lessons: 'There are many types of love, but they are all good.'

And this is how I have tried to explain to my daughters that you cannot choose between one love and another and that, although the feeling is always there, there are differences depending on the moment in which you are. For example, I explained to them that when I was little, my father, my mother, my brothers, my aunt, and my maternal grandparents were my world.

As I got older and into my pre-teens / teens I began to develop great affection for my friends. For me they were very important to overcome some typical complexes of those ages. What I felt towards my family had not changed, but I could feel that it had diminished a little in intensity.

Later, I continued relating to them, I met my husband and everything fell apart again. He quickly took the pole position of love, my loved ones moved up to second place and my compis dropped to third. It stayed that way for quite some time and I thought it would continue like this. How wrong I was!

Because then they arrived and I realized that in my heart there was room for more people and, above all, I discovered what is true love. My way of relating to my partner was different, thanks to him and with him, we had created life! I began to see my mother in a different way, now I took her place and wanted to follow her example! And I got closer to my friends, those who were also experiencing the same thing as me!

And the most important, I learned that there are many types of love, that all of them are different and, at the same time, special, and that all of them must be cared for and pampered daily so that they do not end up withering. And I ended up telling them that in love you can't choose and that I loved them both since I knew they were inside me and that I love them and will always love them.

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