Nursery rhymes of love. Short poems for children

Nursery rhymes of love. Short poems for children

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Love is a universal feeling, that does not understand ages. For this reason, it is also present in stories, in nursery rhymes, in children's songs ... Love is a transforming value that makes the affective effective in the education of children.

Since Guiaifantil.comTo always celebrate love, we have selected short poems whose main theme is love. Love towards family, love or friendship towards friends or love, and why not, animals.

Poetry can treat love in many different ways: using animals as protagonists, or through metaphor. You can use these poems to talk with your children about what true love means, what fidelity is or simply about the different types of love that exist.

Below we have made a small selection with the most beautiful love poems that we have in Guiainfantil. Enjoy them a lot!

Pinto and Pandora's Wedding. Poem for children. Short poem about a wedding between the Gallo Pinto and the Pandora hen. Short poetry, in addition to helping the child to improve memory and concentration, is also a good transmitter of values.

Kisses. Poetry about love by Carmen Gil. Kisses is a children's poem by the author Carmen Gil. Modern poems for children. The importance of reading in childhood. Encourage reading among children. A poem about kisses to read to children. Short poems to read to children. Nursery rhymes about kisses.

The frog in love. Love poem for children. This beautiful children's poem about love, El frog in love, is a tender and beautiful short poem to read with children. It can be an excellent resource to talk with our children about the most universal feeling: love. A poem about emotions and feelings to read with children.

The seagulls know it well. Children's poem about love. This children's poem about love is titled Well the seagulls know it. A beautiful short poem to read with children and talk with them about feelings and emotions and, above all, about the most important feeling of all: love. A new and original poem to introduce your children to the world of poetry.

Short poem about love for children: Caresses. It is very important to give affection to children and explain to them through children's poems like this one, Caresses, a short poem about love and affection, the impact that affection has on people. Affection plays an important role in the development of the child and in the promotion of emotional intelligence from the childhood stage.

The octopus in love. We suggest you read this nursery rhyme about love and falling in love with your children: The octopus in love. It tells the story of an octopus in love with a starfish who ignores him. A poem for children to understand what happens many times with unrequited love. Children's poems to dream.

A poem can go beyond just reading the verses. And it is that we can propose to our son many fun activities to continue working the nursery rhymes we read with them. Here are some ideas with which you will make your little one love the moment of reciting verses as a family.

1. Talk about love with children
Taking advantage of the fact that the short poems that we have proposed speak of love, we can use them to reflect with our child on this emotion. We can ask him to try to define in his own words what love is for him or her (how complicated!), We can encourage him to remember a situation in which he has felt love for someone and we can make him reflect on the different types of love that exist.

2. Keep writing some verses
To practice your child's literary creativity, you can encourage him to continue writing some verses related to the nursery rhyme that you have read. It's about continuing the story ... in verse! As a variant of this activity, you can sometimes write this continuation of the story in prose and other times in verse.

This activity will be a perfect stimulus for your child's imagination and creativity, but also a great exercise to put his head to work.

3. Memorize and recite the verses
For shorter poems, you can encourage your child to memorize them and recite them out loud without reading. If you record a beautiful video for him while he does it, it will be a great greeting for any family member or friend. It will make your day! In case the poetry you have in hand is very long, you can divide it or learn a verse each.

4. Putting music to poems
Think of a melody and sing it using the verses of this song. You have composed your own song!

5. Make a play from the poem
Each poem proposes a story with some characters to whom something happens. What if you transform poetry into a play? It can be a puppet show or you can be the actors yourself.

6. Illustrate poetry
Drawing is an excellent resource to improve many children's skills: fine motor skills, creativity, reading comprehension, imagination ... Therefore, a great activity to do with your child after reading the poem is to ask him to do a drawing from what you have read.

7. Ask questions for comprehension or reflection
Will the child have understood what he has read? To find out, it is as simple as proposing some reading comprehension questions related to what you have been reading. You can also direct these questions to know what he thinks about the topic of poetry.

To educate children in love, it is necessary that we take into account all these tips as parents. They will help us build a loving climate with our children from their earliest childhood.

- You have to explain to children that love is not just hugs and kisses.

- You have to show them that there are different levels of love depending on whether the person is more or less known.

- Tell them that in words and small gestures there is also a lot of love.

- That having gestures such as opening the door to a person or giving them a seat on the bus can express love.

- That through habits such as giving thanks, you can also express a lot of love and affection for others.

- With your resignation or assignments you can say a lot to the person you love.

- And also that by listening and asking, you can educate yourself in love.

And once we are very clear why it is so important that children are educated in an environment full of love, we are going to quickly review all the benefits that poetry can bring to the little ones. If you don't usually read poems with your children, you still have a wonderful universe to discover! Don't deprive him of it.

- Poetry teaches children values
As with other literary genres, children's poetry tells children about different values ​​in a simple and easy to understand way. When the verses tell stories that raise values, they help the little ones to understand in a more practical way what each one means and why it is so important to learn from them.

- Stimulates the creativity and imagination of the little ones
Poetry opens before our eyes a world without limits, in which any action or feeling has a place, just like any character. For this reason, the verses invite children to imagine, to create, to dream, to live ...

- Help children express their sensitivity
The poetic genre also has a place for emotions and feelings and, therefore, helps children to develop their sensitivity and expressiveness.

- Teach vocabulary
Nursery rhymes can contain new words for children, so one of their main benefits is that they also teach vocabulary to the little ones. Whenever our son does not understand a word written in the text in front of us, we must stop and invite him to look it up in the dictionary, that old man forgotten by many.

- Improves written and oral expression
When children read, write, and recite aloud, they are practicing their written and oral expression. And if the poems are learned, they also start their memory.

Do not hesitate to talk about love with children! And there is no better way to do it than through nursery rhymes.

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