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7 simple makeups for children. Make-up for Carnival

7 simple makeups for children. Make-up for Carnival

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From a fairy to a butterfly or Spiderman himself. We teach you how to make up your child for carnival with his favorite character or animal. With these ideas, your little one is sure to succeed at the costume party. You just have to follow the step by step of these video tutorials. Enjoy with these 7 simple makeups for children and choose the one you like the most.

The first of the makeup ideas that we propose is a classic for carnival day: a fantasy butterfly makeup! It is very simple to do but the result ends up being very striking and colorful. We propose a model in blue tones, but you can customize it to your liking. Let's see the simple step by step!

- The first that let's paint it's wings. We are going to use a wax for the face (it is important that they are quality products and do tests before to avoid skin allergies).

We draw the wing around one of the child's eyes, from the top of the nose, to the temple and down the cheek, where it should have a more rounded shape.

We complete the lower part of the wing of our butterfly, closing the point where we start at the highest part of the nose.

- We repeat the same step around the other eye to make the other side of the butterfly.

- Then, we color the inside of the wing with another color. We have used a white wax so that there is more contrast. And we repeat on the other side of the butterfly.

- Right between both wings, in the center of the nose, we draw what would be the body of the butterfly. It is as simple as making a small elongated oval. We color it inside.

- Don't forget to make the antennas!

- Now it only remains to decorate the wings of the butterfly. We have taken the blue wax again and made some circles around the eyes and eyebrows. And then, the rest we have repainted white.

You can add all the details that you like: waves, glitter, other colors ...

Just with this butterfly makeup, your son or daughter I would be perfectly prepared for any carnival party to which you will be invited. But if you want to complete the costume, you just have to buy matching wings (or make them yourself). As a t-shirt, you can choose one that you have plain or with stripes of the same color that you did the makeup. And for the bottom part, you can wear shorts or a tutu and striped tights. And flutter like butterflies!

Minnie Mouse is one of the favorite and most loved characters by all children. Therefore, we should not be surprised if our children ask us to dress up as him for the next carnival party you are going to go to. This is the step by step you must follow to have a nice minnie mouse child makeup.

- Starting by painting large circles in color around the children's eyes. You have to color them inside.

- Next, with a black wax, we paint a small black circle on the tip of the nose. We go down a straight line to the mouth and paint the lip also black.

- With the same black wax, we go over the white eye contour and we draw some small lines that will be the eyelashes.

- With red color, we draw a filled circle on each cheek.

- Finishing by drawing a line, with his eyelashes, under the eyes; a few small dots around the nose; And mustaches!

If your children prefer to dress up as Mickey Mouse, you can also follow these steps that we just told you, but without making the eyelashes and cheeks red.

There is no carnival worth its salt without some little fairy flying around the holidays. In case any of your children want to make this costume, we will teach you to do the simple step by step.

- First we paint the child's eyes (as if we were applying eye liner) with blue color. We support the outline with a white wax, to make it more beautiful.

- With this same white color, we make some waves on cheek and forehead. In turn, we can outline them with the blue wax.

- You can customize so that your fairy has the design that you like the most: you can make more waves, draw some dots on the face, even draw flowers or stars.

To complete the costume, you just need a tutu of the color that you like the most and matching little wings. With a straw or a wooden stick and star-shaped cardboard you can make the magic wand. And why not a special fairy headband?

Superheroes are the favorite characters of children, so you will surely find more than one Spiderman for the children's carnival parties to which you go. If it is your own child who cannot resist the charms of the spider-man, follow the step by step of this video tutorial in which we teach you how to make the simplest makeup for children.

- We started doing some white circles ending in a point around the child's eyes and eyebrows.

- With a red wax, we make a red circle all over the face that we color completely (respecting the white circles that we have made previously).

- With black wax, we draw the outline of the red face, the eyes and make lines around the face (like the ones you can see in the video) simulating a spider web.

And ready the Spiderman makeup! Now you just have to dress your son or daughter in red and blue clothes, and throw some cobwebs at them!

Does your kid like Spongebob? If the answer is yes, with this makeup that we propose below, you already have a costume for this carnival! You will see that it is very simple to do. You just have to follow the step by step.

- We make a yellow square all over the child's face.

- With a black wax, we paint around the child's eyes and eyebrows some black squares, which we color white and blue inside. These are the eyes of SpongeBob!

- With the yellow wax, we color the square that we had done previously. The whole face yellow!

- Once ready, with black wax we make the eyelashes (three in each eye).

- With green wax, we paint some small scribbles that we must blur with our fingers. These are the little holes that this character has all over his body.

Your SpongeBob makeup for your son or daughter is now finished.

Does your child want to dress up as a clown? This is one of the most recurring costumes for any carnival party. If you have not remembered to buy a costume for your child, make him this fun clown makeup ... and ready to celebrate the best carnival!

- The first thing is to draw the clown's mouth, around the child's lips. Make a fun shape out of white wax.

- Also of this color, paint the whole face (except the mouth) of the child.

- Paint the eyes blue and the cheek reds. With black paint you can make fun clown eyebrows on your child's eyebrows (which will be completely covered by paint).

- Paint small details such as stripes on the eyelids and under the eyes.

- Draw the outline of the mouth and paint it red.

- Only the red nose is missing!

To complete the costume you can make a funny clown wig and use the giant bow tie for the neck.

And finally, we couldn't miss the opportunity to propose you a fun pirate makeup. It is perfect for all those children who want to dress up as a classic carnival character. Let's see the step by step!

- No patch, no pirate. Therefore, the first thing is to draw a square in one of the child's eyes. From it, two lines can come out that represent the strings that hold the patch to the face.

- Also with black wax we draw a very curled mustache that will give our pirate a sophisticated touch.

- Next, we color the patch with black paint.

And we already have the funniest piratilla of the carnival! To complete the costume, you can give your child a plush parrot, his best friend.

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