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Saint Heriberto's day is March 16. Name saints for boys

Saint Heriberto's day is March 16. Name saints for boys

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If you are one of the parents who do not settle for a normal and ordinary name for their baby, but rather look for names for children that are different, you are in the right article. Next we are going to talk about the name Heriberto; We are going to tell you what its meaning, origin and saints are. The day of Santo Heriberto is celebrated on March 16 but do you know who this holy man was? We tell you everything!

Juan, Jose, Daniel ... they are very nice names but too frequent in children! However, Heriberto is much more original, true? And, despite its originality, it is a name that has a lot of tradition and history. It is one of those names that you would not be surprised to hear from a loving and good-natured grandfather.

If you would like to find a different nickname for your child, without losing the essence of custom, Heriberto may be an option to consider. To know the origin of this name we have to pack our bags and go to Germany. There they will tell us that Heriberto comes from 'hari-bert', which means something like famous army. Therefore, it is a cool name for all those warriors who come to the world in battle.

If you think Heriberto is a bit old-fashioned name, you can choose one of its foreign variants. In English or German, Heriberto becomes Herbert, a very topical name. You like more?

Heriberto is one of those names that, although it has a feminine version (Heriberta) it is more common in its male variant. Being such a long name it admits several diminutives or affectionate nicknames: Heri, Berto, Bert ...

And also for the same reason, being a name with so many syllables, it is not common to see it accompanied by others to form compound names. But, if you want a combination of names, you can always decide on Juan Heriberto, Jesús Heriberto or Heriberto José. They are very long names, but no one can tell you that they are not original.

Most of the names celebrate their saint throughout the year. The person in charge of collecting and all the dates is the calendar of the saints, which also tells us who each of the saints he contemplates were. The saints dedicate on March 16 to Santo Heriberto, since this was the date on which he died in the year 1021.

San Heriberto, also known as Heriberto de Colonia (in honor of the city in which he lived and died) or Heriberto de Worms (for the place where he was born), is a saint of the Catholic Church venerated in the German country. It is believed that he was born in the year 970, into a family of dukes, for which he had the opportunity to study. He was in a monastery and was ordained a priest.

However, given his great training and the Emperor Otto III himself, of the Holy Roman Empire, claimed him as a counselor. Over time, he became chancellor for Italy and Germany. He was also appointed Archbishop of Cologne and founded Deutz Abbey. He donated a large part of the fortune he had made to this abbey and other monasteries. He was canonized in the year 1074.

As you may already know, numerology designates a number to each of the baby names. Depending on the number that you touch (according to what the values ​​of each of its letters add up), the baby could have some common traits when it comes to his personality. In the case of Heriberto, we are talking about number 8. And the distribution of the letters is as follows: H (8), E (3), R (9), I (9), B (2), E ( 5), R (9), T (2), O (6). When we add the values ​​we have the number 53 and, when we add them again, it gives us the number 8.

At this point you will want to know what the numerology says of the names that are related to the 8th, as is the case with Heriberto. Well, according to this ensures that they are active, curious, lively and a bit naughty. They need to always have intellectual stimuli in their life, but they also require a lot of physical activity to feel good.

Heriberto, in addition, is also very sociable and friendly, with a personality that is very pleasant at first. Loyalty and empathy are two values ​​that these children defend from the earliest childhood. They are an example!

If the name Heriberto calls your attention to call your baby, it is because you like traditional names that are long and have a lot of strength. Therefore, below we propose other names for boys that you might like.

- Leonardo
Leonardo is a name with a lot of class and history. Its origin is German and means 'he who has the strength of a lion'. If Leonardo seems a bit old-fashioned to you, you can choose the Leo variant, which is much more fashionable. His saints are October 23. Congratulations!

- Mauricio
September 22 is the day of Saint Maurice. Would you like to call this name for your baby? The origin of this name is Latin and means 'brown'. A more modern variant of this name is Mauro.

- Frederick
Fede or Federico is a beautiful and classy name for a baby. It has Germanic origin and means 'prince of peace'. His saints are celebrated on July 18.

- Maximilian
If you shorten Maximiliano to Max, it sounds much more modern and exotic. The origin of this name is Latin and its meaning is 'the great one'. Did you know that the day of his birthday is March 12?

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