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My dad is very busy. Story for Father's Day

My dad is very busy. Story for Father's Day

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The best gift we can offer our children is time. Dedicate time and quality to them. Time to play with them, to read stories with them, time to listen to them and to educate them, of course. This tale, 'My dad is very busy', serves as a reflection for us to realize that we often forget what place the most important thing, our children, occupies on our scale of values.

Alberto's father was a very important and busy man who worked so many hours that he often had to work on weekends. One Sunday Alberto woke up early, and when he heard his father open the door to the street to go out to the office, he ran to ask him:

- Why do you have to go to work today, daddy? We could play together ...

- I can not. I have some very important matters to resolve.

- And why are they so important, daddy?

- Well, because if they go well, they will be a great business for the company.

- And why will they be a big business?

- Well, because the company will earn a lot of money, and it is possible for me to be promoted.

- And why do you want to be promoted?

- Well, to have a better job and earn more money.

- How good! And when you have a better job, can you play with me more?

Alberto's father was thoughtful, so the boy continued with his questions.

- And why do you need to earn more money?

- Well, in order to have a better and bigger house, and so that you can have more things.

- And why do we want to have a bigger house? To save all those new things?

- No son, because with a bigger house we will be more comfortable and we will be able to do more things.

Alberto hesitated for a moment and smiled.

- Can we do more things together? Great! Then go quickly. I will wait as long as it takes until we have a bigger house.

Hearing that, Alberto's father closed the door without leaving. Alberto was growing up very fast, and his dad knew he wouldn't wait that long. So he took off his jacket, put down his computer and his diary, and as he sat down to play with a surprised and delighted Alberto, he said:

- I think the promotion and the new house can wait a few years.

The message that this story sends is for children, but also for parents. Have you really grasped the courage that the story of Alberto's father wants to convey? What point do you have in common with him? Would you do what this father did at the end of it all? It would be good if you asked yourself all these questions.

After you answer these questions, it is time to discover if your child understood the message of this story. For them you propose different reading comprehension activities that you can adapt to the age of your little one.

1. The game of whys
Through the following questions, you will discover if the central message of 'My dad is too busy' has reached your little one.

- Why was Alberto's father never at home?

- Why did Alberto's father want to work so much?

- Why did Alberto's father decide not to go to work that day?

2. True and false
These proposals will be very familiar to you, because surely the school activities similar to this.

- Alberto's father's company earns a lot of money.

- Alberto's mother worked with his father.

- With the money Alberto's father earns, they will go around the world.

3. Let's draw!
After reading this story and the relationship between this child and his father, why don't you ask your little one to draw a picture of the family and, specifically, of him with his daddy? So you can discover how he sees each of you.

4. Changing roles
Another activity that can be very revealing for you as a mother is for your child to write a story about what his relationship with you is like, what conversation he would have, and how he would describe a morning with you.

If you want to listen to more stories, recite a poem or even sing a song to celebrate Father's Day, pay attention to the selection we have prepared for you!

He Father's day It is a very special date for adults, but also for children, who prepare with great affection at school that craft that will remain in their hearts and in that of their father for life. And not only that, but with the help of mom they want to make that day special for everyone, but especially for their daddy. If you're short on ideas, take a look at what you can do!

- Dads cooks
Is Dad more sweet or salty? Once this detail is known, the rest is almost done! Before he gets up you can prepare his coffee, his orange juice and some toast with jam or oil. It will be the best way to start the day!

- Sports dads
Go preparing your shoes because today it's time to exercise with the best of companies. We can do a walking route or a bicycle tour.

- Movie buff dads
A movie session is the best plan for this kind of parent. You can organize one at home, rewatching your favorite movies, or also take a look at the billboard in your city. Don't miss the popcorn!

- Traveling dad
Pack spare clothes, grab your car keys, a bottle of water and ... head to that place where your dad feels like a child!

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