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Cute and original six letter names for girls and their meaning

Cute and original six letter names for girls and their meaning

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Choosing a name for your daughter is a big decision. That name will accompany you throughout your life and will be part of your identity. There are names that already carry a strong personality and names that evoke sweetness. Regarding the length of the chosen name, the six letter names for girls They are neither short nor too long, which is why they are perfect. They have a good sound and if you want to shorten them you always have the diminutives and affectionate names associated with them. Here you have a wide selection!

The names that we suggest below are carefully selected names that will not condition your daughter's life, but will connect her with her essence. Let's see if any of them fit you!

It is a name that has two origins, one Hebrew and the other Russian. Its Hebrew etymology is due to the word thamar, which means 'date palm'. Its Russian origin has another very different meaning, since it means 'gypsy princess', and that is that Tamar or Tamara was the queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213. It is a royal name, but it can be softened with some diminutives like Tam or Tami. This name was spread throughout the European continent by Russian exiles who moved to the West.

It seems that the name Teresa has a Greek origin and comes from the verb threw or tereo which means 'to keep' and 'to observe', that is why it is semantically related to the word 'harvest' or to the word 'summer'. But Teresa also has a Latin origin, which has different meanings such as 'the one who hunts' or 'hunter' or it also means 'miraculous' or 'the one who performs miracles'.

In its Germanic origins Teresa can mean 'dear' and 'strong' by the voices thier and sin although it could also come from the name of an island in the Greek Cyclades. Teresa was the name of Teresa de Jesús and that is why it has been used a lot in Spain, but also in countries like Argentina or Mexico. Some diminutives for Teresa's name are Tere, Teresita, Teresina, Treysi, Treisy, Tessie or Terina.

It is a feminine variation of the name José, which comes from the Hebrew Ioseph. It means 'Yahweh has erased', which comes from the biblical expression 'God has erased my affront' or from Iosephus, which comes from the Biblical phrase 'may Yahweh add another son to me'.

This name appears in the Bible in duplicate. Joseph is the son of Jacob and also the husband of the Virgin Mary. Josefa seems like a serious name, but she has a very Spanish affective hypocorism, Pepa, a very artistic name and with great force. Do you dare to put it on your daughter?

It comes from the Latin silva, which means jungle or sinister forest. In mythology, Silvius was the son of Aeneas and Lavinia and is so named because he had to hide in the forest. Silvia was also the mother of the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, and Saint Silvia of Rome was the mother of Pope Gregory the Great and her name day is celebrated on November 3. Some derivations of Silvia's name are Silvina or Silvana, very typical names in Argentina. Do you like it for your baby? Think about how it looks before your surnames.

It is a name that is not heard too much, so it is an original choice for your girl. It comes from the words aner, which means man, and andros, which means vital force. In its feminine variation - it comes from the masculine name Andrés. It means a strong and brave woman, qualities that your daughter will surely have. Andrea has the following affectionate diminutives and nicknames: Andreíta, Andriu, Andy or Drita. Andrea's saint is November 30.

It is the name of a queen, one of the most influential queens in the history of Spain, Isabel de Castilla, thanks to which Columbus was able to discover America. Do you want to give your daughter this regal name? Well, we tell you that it surely comes either from the Hebrew Elisa, Elisheva or Elisabet, which means God's oath or God's promise; or from eli and zabad, which means God has sworn, God is abundance, consecrated to God. It could also come from the term Ish-baal, which means daughter of Baal the goddess of the Canaanites.

When we hear the name Alice, Alice in Wonderland, the protagonist of Lewis Carroll's story, comes to mind. It has Greek origin and comes from the term aletheia, which means truth. Other meanings are 'belonging to the nobility' or 'the one who watches over everyone'. It is an appropriate name for your daughter if you like the surrealism of Carroll's work. Las Alicias are held on June 23 and can be shortened with the following diminutives: Ali, Alice or Licia.

If you want success for your daughter, there is no better name than Gloria. It comes from the Latin glory and means success or fame. Did you know that the name spreads throughout the world because it is an ecclesiastical song? Of course the Gloria, Gloria, Hallelujah! or the Glory to God! His saint is July 26 and he is not seen very much! It's a good name for your future daughter.

Any of these six letter names for girls that we suggest is a good choice. Do you already have yours? Perhaps before telling you, you are interested in knowing what the number 6 means.

- That you choose a name of six letters is a success. The 6 is the first perfect number and it is also semi-perfect, because its divisors (1, 2 and 3) add up to 6.

- 6 is also the third triangular number because it can be recomposed in the form of an equilateral triangle, after 1 and 3 and before 10.

- Furthermore, it is a special number because it is the result of the sum of the first three numbers (6 = 1 + 2 + 3).

- The number six in numerology represents balance, truth, the sense of justice and love.

- And according to the Bible, 6 is the most perfect number of the imperfect, since it only needs 1 to reach number 7, which is what is considered a perfect number.

- And in the Cabala, six is ​​beauty.

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