Fire truck with egg boxes. Recycling toys

Fire truck with egg boxes. Recycling toys

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One of the favorite toys of many children is fire trucks. With this idea, from We have been thinking about how to create our own fire truck, but a very special one, for children to play with homemade toys.

We have come to a conclusion: with recycled material such as egg boxes you can make a great fire engine. Do you want to learn to do it at home with the children.


  • 2 egg boxes or egg cups
  • 8 bottle caps
  • 2 Styrofoam balls
  • Red, flesh, white and black paints
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • White glue

1. Paint a box of eggs red. Cut a second box of eggs in half and paint part of it red, except for two of the egg cups, which will be black.

2. Paint 8 bottle caps black. Two of them will be the firemen's hat and the rest will be the truck's wheels.

3. Paint 2 polystyrene balls flesh-colored. Then, with a black marker, draw eyes, mouth and mustache.

4. Glue the polystyrene balls on the black egg cups and with white paint draw the buttons of the firemen.

5. Glue the firefighters' hats onto the polystyrene balls and make cuts on the sides of the truck to fit the rest of the caps as wheels.

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