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Short stories for children about the sea and the ocean

Short stories for children about the sea and the ocean

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Do you know that they say that we only know 5 percent of the seabed and the ocean? Under the silent waters of the seas live hundreds of species, some ancient, others unknown and many admirable. Since there is so much that we do not know about the underwater world, we fill its emptiness with legends, tales and inventions that take children to a magical world inhabited by mermaids and mischievous fish.

Don't miss the compilation of short stories for children that talk about the sea, the ocean and all his creatures. They are fabulous stories with which, in addition, we can transmit to children the need to protect and respect marine fauna and flora.

In we present you the best short stories over the sea and the ocean so you can read it to your children. Here you have tales about the sea and the ocean that tell of mermaids, sea kings, funny fish and other aquatic species. You are sure to enjoy them a lot!

After reading the stories, we invite you to propose reading comprehension activities for the children (to find out if they have understood the message that the story conveys), but you can also draw pictures about the story you have read or write poetry inspired by the story.

Don't forget to put on your diving goggles before immerse yourself in reading!

The mysterious and fascinating underwater world is a great source of inspiration when proposing educational and entertaining activities for children. If you want to enjoy with your children and take a dip in the sea, without leaving the living room of your house, propose to do some of these fun home games and crafts; all of them related to the sea and fish.

- Why the ocean ...?
Children often have many very interesting questions related to the seas and oceans. So one of the most entertaining activities that we can propose to you is to become ocean detectives!

We will write in a notebook all the questions we have about the seas (how many animals are there under the sea? Do mermaids really exist? Why is sea water blue?) And we must use all the resources at our disposal. to answer them: Internet, library books, an encyclopedia ...

- Organize a quiz with questions about the fish
Once we have investigated all our doubts, we can make our own trivia of questions related to fish, sharks, dolphins, algae, anemones, crabs ... Who will know more answers at home?

- Game fish the fish
This toy, which you can make yourself with very easy-to-find materials, is a classic for summer afternoons. It consists of making small rubber fish, putting a clip in their mouths and making a rod with which to fish them. We will put them in a bucket with water ... and whoever gets the most wins!

- Our mascot, the puffer fish
Can you imagine having a puffer fish at home? It would be great! But since animals have to live in the natural habitats that welcome them, on our site we suggest you make your own puffer fish pet. And, for this, we are going to use cardboard boxes of eggs.

- Recite the poetry of The Tropical Fish
Do you know any poetry related to fish? On our site we bring you the poem of The Tropical Fish by Marisa Alonso because, in addition to talking about a nice little fish, it helps children understand different emotions. You can learn and recite the verses aloud.

- Learn to draw different types of fish
Drawing and coloring fish swimming on our pages can be fun and relaxing. Share our video tutorials with your children so they can learn to draw the different species that live in our seas and oceans.

- Making a fish out of plastic bottles
And finally, we propose an activity that children may like a lot: using plastic bottles to make a fish. It's a great recycling craft that can also serve as an excuse to talk to children about how plastics are littering our seas and oceans.

All these short stories and games related to the seas and oceans are great entertainment for bring our children closer to the underwater world and that they know more about him. However, it is also an educational way of raising awareness about the serious situation to which we are leading our marine ecosystems and the environment in general.

The seas and oceans have become real landfills, with the serious consequences that this has for the animals and plants that live in them. According to data from Greenpeace Spain in the report 'Plastics in the oceans', 8 million tons of garbage reach them every year, which corresponds to the weight of no more and no less than 800 Eiffel Towers. Among all this waste, plastic is very dangerousIt remains in this ecosystem for a long time and the fish, unintentionally, end up eating it.

Given this panorama, it is worthwhile for parents and teachers to stop for a moment to educate our children and students about the importance of protecting the seas and oceans. And how can we do it? How can we transmit environmental education to them? Here are some tips:

- Change our habits and reduce the use of plastics
Find food that is not packaged in plastic, use reusable glass bottles, stop using aluminum foil ... These are small gestures or habits that we can change and that will help us reduce the consumption we do at home of plastics.

- Teach children to recycle
We must teach children, from the time they are very young, to get used to recycling or reusing materials. Each type of waste must go to the corresponding container so that it does not end up in the sea.

- Organize cleaning excursions
Why not organize a trip to the beach to collect trash? You will be surprised by the large amount of plastics and other debris that accumulate on the shore. If we don't collect them, they will end up on the high seas. We can extend these excursions also to the mountains, rivers or valleys. The environment will thank us!

- Asking you to become an ambassador of the sea
Encouraging children to become ambassadors for the sea (and of course we will lead by example!) Will get them talking to their friends about the need to protect marine biodiversity. Word will spread!

Did you know that June 8 is celebrated World Oceans Day? This is the perfect day to read these short stories about the seas, but also to work on ecological awareness with children. And it is precisely that was the objective of the United Nations when it set this date: to publicize the threats that marine beings run so that our attitude and behavior is more ecofriendly.

Let's take advantage of this day to investigate with children about the animals and plants that live in the seas, the dangers they face and, above all, let us reflect on the small actions that are in our power and that, when added together, can make a significant change in our relationship with nature.

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