Fun hobbies to review with the kids in summer

Fun hobbies to review with the kids in summer

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Summer vacations are ideal for children to consolidate all the knowledge acquired throughout the school year. But it is also a time of fun, relaxation and a lot of free time.

How about offering your child a series of activities so they can play, have fun and learn at the same time? We have created the best hobbies for elementary school children, fun hobbies to review with the kids in summer. They are crosswords, sudokus, games to learn numbers ... They all come from the hand of the mascot of our site, our beloved rag bear.

We propose a series of challenges for your child this holidays:hobbies, crosswords and sudokus adapted according to their age, designed for younger children and for older children. Ask your child to play with them and that way you will keep him active and get him to review knowledge acquired during the school year without protesting.

1. Sudoku of characters with Rag. Review math with pictures.

This sudoku game is designed for the little ones. If you still have trouble handling numbers, you can exercise your ability to associate and mathematical deduction with this great sudoku puzzle. They have four characters and they must place them in the squares without any repeating on the horizontal and vertical line. Fill it up!

2. Animal crossword in English. Review English in a fun way.

Look for farm animals, but beware! They are in English. They are well-known animals and your child will surely have no trouble finding them.

3. Labyrinth to have fun with Rag.

Will you be able to join the two little fish through this maze. Develop spatial intelligence with the help of this game that Ragged Bear brings us. What fun review exercises Traposo proposes!

4. Copy the exact drawing of Traposo.

How is the drawing done? Did you know that drawing activates different areas of the brain? For example, the one related to spatial intelligence. And of course, it helps you perfect the proportions and add that 'artistic vein' that you surely have inside. Dare yourself!

5. Show how many proverbs you know.

Complete the missing part of each of these sayings. They are very popular sayings and they sure sound familiar. Encourage your child to learn popular sayings, metaphors (explain what each saying means) and reading comprehension.

6. Learn new words in English.

Will you be able to fill in this crossword and find out what mysterious animal is hiding in the yellow boxes? We give you a hint: they are all animals.

7. Visual acuity test.

How many Rags can you find in this black and white image? Put your visual acuity to the test and count the Rags hidden between all the drawings. You can go around them and it will be easier for you.

8. Improve the spelling of the letter 'S'.

Still with bad handwriting? It's a matter of practice! Take advantage of this summer to write and improve the letter. How about you start with the letter 'S'?

9. Unleash your artistic talents.

Complete the Rag drawing to your liking. It does not have to be the same, or have the same colors. Let your imagination do the rest! What do you want the other part of Traposo to be like?

10. Learn to count with Rag.

This hobby is ideal for the little ones. They must count how many Rags there are and match them with the corresponding number. To count!

11. Color by the numbers

You already know how this hobby works. You just have to color the corresponding number for each space in the drawing, following the legend. Do you know what animal is hiding?

How much effort your son or daughter has tried during the school year! True?And how much has he learned! Can you imagine that he forgot everything and had to start over from scratch. Of course this is not going to happen, not even if you took a whole year of vacation without touching a pencil or a notebook.

However, when children review during the summer, they fix and review the knowledge they have acquired throughout the school year, to understand and strengthen it. Also, the review helps them maintain a habit and rhythm for the beginning of next year.

Most teachers agree (although not all agree) that children have to revise during the summer. But the exercises that we propose should not be seen as an obligation or as a boring task. Otherwise, will end up becoming a punishment or in torture. What is very clear is that we cannot turn our children into slaves of revision.

Therefore, we suggest that Any review that you propose to your children is in the form of a game. And it is that, as mentioned in 'Learning based on play in Early Childhood Education' (by Cristina Molaguero for the University of Valladolid) through play, children learn better. When we introduce play in learning (and therefore also in reviewing what has been learned), we make children more relaxed, which helps them to pay more attention and be more prepared to learn. Guided play is much more motivating and experimental, which makes learning last longer.

Hence all the hobbies Rag Bear has proposed to us are so useful and fun for all children, regardless of their age.

If you want to propose even more activities to your son or daughter to review how much they have learned at school during this school year, we suggest other exercises. Remember to adapt them to the age and knowledge of the child.

- Let's do a dictation!
Dictations are a very beneficial type of exercise for children as they improve concentration, listening, calligraphy, spelling ... So that they are not conceived as boring activities, we suggest you do video dictations where we dictate a funny text.

- Math puzzles
What is the number that is worth less if you put it backwards? What number is worth 0 if you take half of it? Simple math puzzles can be a lot of fun for children (and actually adults too) and are a great way to review and stimulate thinking in young children.

- Logic questions, cheated!
What weighs more, a kilo of iron or a kilo of feathers? What is the question that no one can ever answer in the affirmative? Where does Thursday go before Wednesday? Let's go! Think with these trick questions!

- Science Review Experiments
Through home experiments, children can review what they have learned in science or chemistry class. In addition, they are the most fun and entertaining for summer afternoons.

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